Contemporary, Functional Villa in Surat, India, by Antoni Associates

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Presently under construction, this contemporary villa is part of two houses designed by Antoni Associates with a shared pavilion overlooking the Tapti River in Surat, India. Interiors are both functional and glamorous — and designed around family life, as the two houses share courtyards. Fascinating details — such as an indoor/outdoor pool — and cutting-edge contemporary style mark these interiors. Color palettes are true to contemporary style, dependent on heavy use of pure white and other neutrals. White stone exteriors blend perfectly with marbleized finishes on walls and the wood-latticed dividers and cantilevers. Branches of the pool wind through the interior courtyard as modern sculptures bask in the sun. Other light sources are pure modernity: a circle of recessed round lights forms a ceiling fixture in a living room, while panels of gold light hallways and the bedroom and bathroom area.

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Visually, art and texture enhance the walls. Abstract paintings, in colors from blacks and grays to orange and umber, hang on pale wood paneling; textured blinds and shades, drawn across expanses of glass for privacy, are patterns of gray, subtle blue, and white. More contemporary art is three-dimensional — a white branching piece in the living room, a striped panel above a bed. Beds are sleekly enclosed in white and close to the floor, with ensuite bathrooms delineated by brass lattice-work dividers and featuring dove-gray oval sinks and deep bathtubs. Here, strips of lighting beneath cabinets edge the steps and the floor; there, round windows let in diffused outdoor light and recessed fixtures fill in the gaps. Not that there are many “gaps” here in this sumptuous design; for the discriminating family, this residence is spacious, open-air, and the perfect combination of relaxation and luxury.

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