Contemporary Italian Kitchen Designs by Scavolini

Women never get bored of getting a new kitchen, they always want to know the latest kitchen collections presented by the best kitchen manufacturers, and keep an eye on what’s new in the world of kitchens. Women get attached with the place they are in, and that’s why they are always careful to make the kitchen at its best because they have to spend quite a long time in there preparing food, washing the dishes, making a cake, and more. Since women adore colors, Scavolini present for women one of the best and smartest contemporary kitchens ever because you will feel as if an Italian artist put his hands on these pieces of furniture, and that’s why these kitchens are said to be Italian kitchens. All these kitchens are made in a modern style without much detail; simplicity is obviously seen in furnishing various kitchen sets, while all the art comes in the choice of various patterns or solid colors. The kitchens presented by Scavolini need a medium to large space to be installed.

Some of the kitchens come in crazy pop colors with amazing, unique patterns like using yellow combined with orange and white in a lively pattern that covers the cabinetry, while a white countertop, white shelves, and white walls are used to balance the overall look and to grab the whole attention to the piece of art presented. A similar kitchen is found while patterns used have a white background with patterns in pastel colors like purple, rose, yellow, blue, and others in a lovely calm combination. To make the look of this kitchen pop, a purple countertop is used, while the drawers, walls, and a small table come in solid white color to balance the look. Now, if you love colors but aren’t really a fan of prints, then go for solid colored kitchens. This type of kitchens is really amazing and gives a sophisticated look that’s not crowded.

One of the kitchens has the cabinetry in two solid colors; red and blue. The mix between these two colors is really amazing and gives a very classy look to the kitchen. Wood is also used in this kitchen which matches perfectly with the surroundings. Many other colors are presented, and you just have to pick your favorite, you can find red, blue, orange, cream, brown, wood, and yellow. Away from the colors, the design of these kitchens is really amazing, the cabinetry is installed in a really smart way along with the dimensions of the walls, and countertops and kitchen islands stand in the middle of the kitchen in a really chic way, some of the cabinets are replaced by built-in stoves for a modern style that also prevents having a mess. Parquet flooring, in different tones, is mostly used to reflect a classy style, and everything is very organized to give you the best kitchen ever.

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