Contemporary Kitchens Decorated With Wood Touches

Maybe the all-wood kitchen stayed for many years reserved for classic kitchen decorations, recently wood kitchen designs began to take a more modern style. Now, the trend is to use wood in a contemporary kitchen decoration but just in a few touches; more stylish, more fashionable. Wood, even if it’s used in the smallest touches, is sure to enter nature’s spirit into the kitchen and to soften the space. When we say wooden touches in the kitchen, these ideas may refer to many ways; for example in a very contemporary kitchen design with cupboards in a stylish blue color, wood appears in the backsplash and the worktop to soften the total look and create a very impressive effect. The contrary is also appreciated; wood kitchen cabinets highlighted by a tiles’ backsplash in a contrasting color like black for example and a white worktop will create a very stylish & up-to date look. If you are wondering how wood is used in the kitchen backsplash, know that MDF sheets are now available in different shades to cover any wall or any floor.

As you know, MDF and HDF have the advantage of being resistant to water & heat unlike natural wood, which makes them much more practical for this purpose. Wood touches can match very well with metal elements; wood kitchen cabinets with a metal backsplash or worktop for example are a very nice combination to bring a modern & industrial look to the kitchen. You can also use wood in most of the kitchen space while still being away from a traditional wood kitchen decoration; this comes through choosing all the cabinet doors to be made of wood in light tones while giving the wall a very different treatment like stones for example; the result is stunning: very contemporary yet very natural. Finally, know that wood can fit perfectly in very modern kitchen colors like red, black or purple for example; use it in few decorative touches and it will soften the total look while keeping on the contemporary kitchen ambience you want. Wood is also perfect to decorate a whole white kitchen, it will be a very nice addition even for the most minimalist kitchen.

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