Contemporary Living Space in California with Opposing Design Styles

For real inspiration on how to design your house in an amazing way that utilizes all your indoor and outdoor spaces, all while giving you a chic, and comfortable house to live in, check this contemporary living space in California that is design using opposing styles that go together very well for the perfect overall ambiance. This living space combines between beautiful colors and minimalist furniture at the same time. Sharp edges are seen to reflect modernity, and white is dominating to give a spacious reflection and make the view pure and minimalist. Wood is seen everywhere because it is the best material when you want a luxurious house. Even doors and windows were frames with wood. The lounge space really forces you to relax and have the best quality time at your own house. An L-shaped grey sofa and white arm chairs that have colored cushions make the place so soft, and an open kitchen just behind it makes everything reachable easily.

A splendid marble countertop makes an eye catching chic style and some high chairs are added to make it like a quick dining set for small meals, for example. Three fancy pendant lamps are added in the open kitchen in a transparent blue color which really looks very soft. This area is completed by adding a chic and contemporary dining set using a wood dining table and black chairs. The outdoor space is wonderful and includes minimalist, comfortable sofas and a table to enjoy spending some time while enjoying some fresh air. Colored cushions are added to give you more comfort and give a colorful touch to the place. Even the bedroom is totally relaxing and has a nice terrace that gives you a nice view. The bathroom is very organized and includes drawers to store all your stuff, and even the bathroom vanity comes with drawers for more storage spaces.

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