Contemporary Simonsen Residence With Multi-Colored Fieldstone By Rob E McQuay Architects

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Seated in the southwestern region of the United States, St George-Utah has been called Utah’s Dixie because of the former cotton farms of the late 1800s. Rob E McQuay Architects & Associates styled the Simonsen Residence project with a southwestern organic vibe. Rich in history, the residence was built on an ancient lava field which speaks to the earthy reds and deep tones used on the exterior and interior areas.

The beauty of this custom elevation is the curved lines used to provide intriguing layers and textures. The cracked cement walkway plots a course to the wooden double door entry through an interesting desert scape.

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The red brick colors are echoed all through the home reinforcing the southwest theme. Curved cabinetry and lighting establish the balance of the nontraditional space. Exposed rustic beams tie in attractively with the base boards and highlighted hues of the ceramic tile flooring. In an effort to prevent discordance from the exaggerated usage of decoration, the designers forsook traditional hanging light features in the sitting area in favor of recessed staggered lighting.

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The enormous kitchen at the heart of the layout with its vibrant cherry wood tones provides a contemporary eating area for guests and residents, as well. The chartreuse accents refresh the palette with modernized notes. Granite countertops throughout, ceramic tile floors, and hanging light fixtures complete the look of the interior without taking away from the overall plan of the space.

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Exposed wood beams above the cement walkway lined with greenery convey a sense of a desert trail.

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The picturesque views of the outdoor design showcase the ingenuity of the design team, and their ability to capture the allure of the neighboring landscape. The cubist design of the multi-colored fieldstone compliments the soft curves of the outdoor space.

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The intricacies of the outdoor landscape and the convergence of multitudinous materials and textures are mesmerizing.

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Floor-to-ceiling windows invite both nature and relaxation into the house. Casual comfy chairs afford for cozy get-togethers throughout the year.

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An aerial view of the property demonstrates the magnitude of the structure, and the creative angles of the home. Moreover, we are able to enjoy the seamless integration with its environment.