Contemporary Tiles for Modern Interior Decorations

Forget everything you already know about the traditional tiles and discover them in a new way. If you had the image of tiles in your mind of a cold and uniform look you will be surprised to find the new designs combining both visual and aesthetic sides to create a unique atmosphere for the contemporary interior decoration depending on mimicry and optical illusion. Often confined to the flooring, the tiles in the 21st century are also displayed on the walls, especially in bathrooms and kitchens where tiles remain a favorite choice instead of tapestry and painting. But no more geometric shapes and ordinary monochrome models in the contemporary tile designs, the wall in tiles is now dressed with flashy colors, fun shapes, and plays on the imitation of materials (wood, stone, slate, ceramic, glass etc.). There is a huge progress in the tile models imitating other materials; you even may need to touch it to believe that’s a tile! Not only imitation wood & stone but even imitation cement & slate are now available; an ultra-contemporary visual ambience that will bring to your interior a very unique look. This new generation of tiles, also has the advantage of being easy to maintain, very strong and, in most cases, cheaper than the materials they imitate. And the most trendy tile models are the XXL ones; those became very fashionable this year especially in their modern designs that can add a unique & super stylish atmosphere to any interior, in addition, large sizes of tile provide a real sense of space in the room. We can say that Tiles in 10x10cm or 20x20cm tend to disappear in favor of these formats of 60x60cm or even 120x120cm!.

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