Contemporary & Very Luxury Bathtub Design Ideas

Not just the ultimate symbol of relaxation, the bathtub is now the symbol of luxury as well thanks to its contemporary designs full of creativity & elegancy. Between sleek lines and original materials, the following 10 bathtub models have exactly what it needs to invite us in a prestigious relaxing break. If you are looking for the perfect bathtub for your modern bathroom, you will surely find among the designs below the suitable one. This sublime bathtub customized using driftwood in slices laid by hand is an ideal example for the classy elegance; when nature meets contemporary design. A bathtub designed as a sculpture; that’s how we can summarize this pretty model which has a form that embodies the human silhouette: headrest, armrests for arms and legs. It’s a tailor-made idea for a maximum comfort. If you are a practical person, you’ll like this model that combines both elegancy and practicality. The black lacquered rectangular block in which the bathtub is installed, includes some nice luminous storage shelves. A very chic way to display or store towels and beauty products while keeping them at hand. Retro style is always a source of inspiration for interior designers. This prestigious bathtub with lion legs was redesigned to meet the up-to-date style so it can be added to any contemporary bathroom to create a touch of glamour and bring a sophisticated look to the place. For a futuristic ambience in your modern bathroom, you would prefer this hi-tech bathtub with integrated LED light that creates a very unique look and adds more originality.

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