Cool Study Desk Designs for Teen’s Bedroom

If the study desk takes a considerable place in the teen’s bedroom, it’s not for nothing; this is the place where the teenager will sit to study for hours every day, so it must be very comfortable not just for his body but also for his eyes with a pleasant design that completes the decorative look of the bedroom. Here are some cool study desks and decoration ideas; check them out. In small teen room spaces, the study desk design must be equally practical & space-saver to not clutter the vision and to occupy a minimum of space. To maximize space, this cool teen room design from “But” combines in the same space: a library, bed, dressing room and work area. The secret is in the platform under which the bed disappears once it is stored, and on which the teen goes to sit in his office; Very clever! The mezzanines are still proving to be a good alternative for small teen room spaces. Thus, on the same surface, a bed and study desk find their places; the bed in height and the desk is just below it. When siblings share the same room, they also share the same desk … unless it is doubled! Here in this teen bedroom design from IKEA, it is side by side where the two desks are placed, however, the well pronounced style of each of them makes it easy to distinguish each one from the other. Because teenagers used to be blamed as they don’t clean and arrange enough their rooms, IKEA offers here a desk design that will make a compromise between you and your teen; you’ll like it for its practicality and your teen will just love it for its cool design that should simplify his task. It is equipped with a lift top that is equipped with integrated storage to slide sheets, pencils and notebooks, and under this lift top he can slide easily his computer. Another smart idea for small teen rooms from IKEA; under the desk, a low chest of drawers on wheels slips discreetly. A very good idea; it saves space and also serves as a bench where the kid sits down to finish his homework.

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