Cool Wedge Cut Hairstyles for Men

Are you looking for stylish, cool, maybe wild and glamorous hair look?!!. Man, why are you looking so hard and there’re many hairstyles that can offer you that look?!!. The Wedge cut hairstyles are one example of those hairstyles. You can say that the wedge cut hairstyles are one of the most cool, stylish, wild and glamorous hairstyles that can be worn by any man.. Unlike the past, you can wear the wedge cut hairstyles regardless the haircut you have whether it’s short, medium or long haircuts.. You may ask me “Why have you said unlike the past?!”.. Okay, I’ll tell you.. I’ve said so, as in the past years the wedge cut hairstyles had been limited only on the man’s short haircuts, but day by day the hairstylists have broken that limit!!. Anyway, let me show you what are the wedge cut hairstyles that you can pick one of them and wear?!!.. One famous example of the wedge cut hairstyles are the classic bowl cut hairstyle. The bowl cut hairstyle can be considered as the one of the classic and first versions of the men’s wedge cut hairstyles.. Those hairstyles have very stylish, cool and trendy wedge cut hairstyles.. You can get such a hairstyle just by cutting your hair close to the scalp below the ear and around the nape. You also accompany your classic bowl cut hairstyle with either side or center partings. Before jumping to the next wedge cut hairstyles, there is an important thing that you’ve to know about the classic bowl cut hairstyles.. That thing is that you can wear the classic bowl hairstyles with the long or the medium haircuts… The next wedge cut hairstyles that I’m going to show you are the short bowl cut hairstyles. The short bowl cut hairstyles are considered as the modern version of the classic bowl cut hairstyles. You may ask “what are the difference between the both?!!”.. The short bowl cut hairstyles are shorter than the classic bowl cut and that’s the basic difference.. You can get that modern version of the bowl cut hairstyle by cutting your hair in the same way of the classic bowl cut but with combining it with longer portions of the hair.. You can also add bangs, side or center parting to that short bowl cut hairstyles. Beside the classic bowl cut hairstyle and its successor version, there are other wedge cut hairstyles like the punk wedge cut hairstyles. The punk wedge cut hairstyles have very modern, cool and glamorous look. The punk wedge hairstyles are based on shaving the hair on one side of the head around the back up to one head side, creating layers in the man’s hair and letting those layers fall on the other side of his head. Briefly, the punk wedge hairstyles are a combination of shaving and layering the man’s hair and that what makes the punk, funky and stylish look of them!!. The last wedge cut hairstyles that I’m going to show you are the cool wedge cut hairstyles.. Those wedge hairstyles are the same as their name!.. Really they’re.. Those cool wedge hairstyles are based on cutting the man’s hair in the following funky and cool way; the sides of the hair are cut in way that exposes the man’s earlobes and the hair at the back falls around or may be below the man’s nape of the neck that’s based on the man’s haircut.. Have you understood anything?!!.. If you’ve not, then I’d leave the hairstyles pictures to explain more!!!. Anyway, all the wedge cut hairstyles or the wedge haircut styles as you wish to call them are very stylish, cool, bold and very glamorous hairstyles. You can wear any of those wedge cut hairstyles in anywhere and at any time. So, don’t ever say to yourself “My wedge cut hairstyles won’t suit my formal event or special occasion!!!”. It really can’t be, your wedge cut hairstyles can suit any sort of events and occasions; the formal, the less formal or the total casual!!. At the end, I won’t tell you anything except “Wear your wedge cut hairstyle and rock the whole world with your stylish and glamorous look!!!”…..

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