Courallie: A Taste of Bali in Sydney by Peter Glass and Associates

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The pool, landscape, and spa treatment of Courallie, by Peter Glass and Associates, was inspired by a home owners’ holiday stay in Bali — and designed as a water feature that they could swim in! The owners got that — a gorgeous blue-tiled lap pool that makes the most of every inch of what was once a narrow side-yard on the Sydney property. This sumptuous pool extends beyond the front of the residence, then splits into a smaller up-lit pond that catches the eye from the street. The design even incorporates one wall of the residence itself, replacing it with floor-to-ceiling glass. From the interior, a comfy seating area now looks outdoors on to pale blue stone and graceful columns that surround the water…and indoors on to statuary and décor that create a “South Pacific” mood.

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With the integration of water elements and interior décor, a marvelous sense of both privacy and space ensues — plus an unadulterated sense of luxury enhanced by lavish plantings and greenery in the garden setting. This combination has, in fact, impressed so many that Courallie was honored as an Australian National Pool of the Year, which turned out to be a serendipitous development for the owners. Gathering attention and accolades from interior design and landscape magazines made the property “famous” — to the point that the owners wondered how the property would look to a prospective buyer. Very well, as it turns out: the pool, spa, and lush landscape improved the home’s value so much that the owners put it on the market. Now, they look forward to working with Glass and Associates to improve and enhance their next home!

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