Cozy Garden Design in Kensington by Secret Gardens

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From its modern sculptured “swing” to its solid stone walls, this Kensington garden is a fabulous example of classic and contemporary design working in great harmony from Australia’s own Secret Gardens. Set against its Federation house, the understated elegance of this green space gives the client a desired “Mediterranean” and modern feel without jarring clashes of style or substance. Ivy covers an entire wall of the home, framing long windows and contrasting nicely with lighter-green low-lying plantings in beds beneath it. And…it’s “green” in more ways than one: recycled bricks are paired with sandstone and timber for an earth-friendly spot that features contemporary plants and mirrors. The result is a group of cozy outdoor “rooms” that wrap themselves around you in a cocoon-like feel that invites lingering.

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A tidy gray wooden gate allows access and egress for a tiny stone patio; terraced beds of trimmed shrubbery and young trees make the most of an incline. Sets of stone steps lead from the house’s back door to the various garden “rooms,” with more trimmed shrubbery as complementary borders. A covered alfresco dining area segues into an open-air lounge spot with built-in plush-cushioned stone couch and coffee table, plus casual wicker chairs, carefully screened by high bushes and a few steps above the smooth green lawn. A second entertaining area tucks itself at one end of a spacious pool, with comfy covered seating and stone benches on the side. Topography with a bit of a challenge, answered successfully: that’s this comfy series of outdoor “rooms” from Secret Garden.

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