Creative Ideas to Optimize the Dressing Room

If you are lucky enough to have a dressing room, you must keep it organized and well arranged as much as possible to make it able to accommodate all of your clothes. Lapayre, which is a leading furniture and home accessories producer, presents a collection of very useful accessories designed especially to maximize the storage space of the dressing room. Here are 10 ideas from Lapayre creative solutions for a practical dressing room. If you need to hang the clothes you want to wear the next day, rather than look in the morning, set them on the swivel door-hangers; it’s attached under a shelf and retracted by pivoting. To avoid tangled ties or belts and damaging them, opt for a tie & belt removable door; its aluminum frame has a sliding system with partial exit. Similarly, to store pants without creasing in a practical way, you can choose a trouser hanger which slides to make clothes more accessible. For the best organization for your drawers and to be able to store several accessories in them, add spacers to form 9 or 12 boxes that will allow you to separate underwear, socks, scarves…etc. To hang your jackets and shirts, rods are essential. Do not hesitate to install a rod to suit your needs; you can for example install a rod in height and another lower one to gain more storage space. Rather than having a laundry basket in the bathroom for dirty laundry, go directly to a sliding basket that is placed inside the dressing room; it is much more clever and cooler! Remember to keep a specific section for shoes in your wardrobe. You will find special sliding drawers dedicated to this purpose to allow you better access. The storage will be optimized and your shoes are protected. To manage better the contents of your drawers, choose a drawer model with a transparent part to let you see what it contains; you’ll save time. Finally, for a full practicality in your wardrobe, you need good lighting. Think then in spots that will allow you to search for your clothing efficiently.

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