Creative Ways to Use Walls for Jewelry Storage

Ladies, no more mess on your dressing tables! If your necklaces, bracelets & earrings get tangled creating a big disorder on the dressing table; it’s time to think practically, why don’t you place them vertically? Those are few ideas to arrange your jewelry on the wall in an original & decorative way, get inspired. Femininity first! With those hooks shaped silhouette of women wearing a stylish hat; exposing jewelry has never been so girly. Since the animal shapes are very trendy in decoration, why not choose several miniature versions equipped with hooks on which you can hang your jewelry? The porcelain models in the picture look very delicate and original. Cork panels dressed by fabric are also excellent substrates for jewelry. You just need to set few pins for hanging necklaces and bracelets diagonally; this will give the wall a very valuable look. And because jewelry has a sparkling look and we love to look at their pearls & pendants; it is not necessary in all cases to get ultra decorative hooks; your accessories themselves are going to give life to the wall. That’s why you can always opt for classic hooks and depend on the jewelry itself as a decorative item, and if you will place those hooks behind the room’s door, this is one more reason to choose the simplest models.

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