Decorating Color Ideas for Studio Interior Designs

Color is surely able to make a space visually look larger or smaller, color boosts, customizes and refreshes your interior decoration. For a small space like a studio space that doesn’t often exceed 40 square meters, you need to know how to choose the perfect colors. Here are some examples to help you. Contrary to popular thoughts, white does not enlarge small spaces; It would, however, tend to “crush” the volumes. If used alone, it’s a color that could give a boring effect. It is essential to combine it with a second color to energize and heat the room; if white is your color of choice, bring a touch of color in your curtains, your furniture or your cushions and your decorative items. Opt for natural colors which give the place a calm atmosphere. Play on linens in light shades like chestnut or beige but you still can bet on more vibrant colors, only be careful to not use too heavy colors that can stifle your interior. The best way to bring color in a small space without fear of overload is to paint the wall where the window is located in a color stronger than your dominant one which will not just energize the room but also will create a very nice harmony. You can also apply this idea to a wall in your kitchen for example, or even to the doors of your closet. To improve your mood, play by color. Choose your curtains, pillows or your bed linen in the same tones. You can also use contrasting colors to bring a stylish look. The important thing is to energize and personalize the place by bringing the visual pleasure. And don’t neglect the importance of the brightness of your apartment, if necessary; scatter light sources at strategic points in the room. If you do not want to paint your walls, you can also bring splashes of color by choosing colorful strips of stickers.

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