Decorative Birdhouse Designs For Your Garden

If you are lucky enough to have a garden lulled by the singing of birds, it’s time to build a shelter where they can settle and make their nests. Discover the top 10 birdhouse designs of this year; all are so beautiful & charming. Come on lovers of nightingales, sparrows and chickadees… you will like this post. The pleasure of hanging a birdhouse on a tree with mom or dad’s help; that’s a real joy for children! Their pleasure will be doubled when the nest box is adorned with beautiful colors and adorable childish themes inspired by their favorite cartoon characters like Winnie the Pooh, or this one dedicated only for girls with a tender pink color decorated with Minnie Mouse images. Very funny is this wooden birdhouse shaped as a cat yawning! This is the only case that we accept to see the cat swallowing small birds! The birdhouse design made of felt in lively colors hanged on tree branches looks so beautiful & poetic; perfect for the spring spirit with these cheerful colors. Also the pretty nest box having the shape of a cute pink house would add a very charming ambience to the garden. Wooden birdhouse versions are still fashionable; to be hanged on tree branches, they actually go very well with the natural atmosphere of the garden. Finally for the fans of minimalist style even in their garden decoration, there is the minimalist birdhouse design shaped like 3 houses in black & silver with very geometric forms and clean lines. This birdhouse design is designed to host 3 bird families!

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