Demi Lovato Hairstyles 2012

More grown up, stylish and hotter; those are some of the words that i can say to describe how the young talented star Demi Lovato has looked like since the beginnings of 2012 till now. Actually, we can add another word to these last mentioned ones which is wild! Yeah, ladies, don’t wonder! All of us can’t deny that in the last months, Demi has tended to get that sort of looks by playing with hair colors and moving from one bold color to another! Let me tell you that our beloved star has also opted for other colors besides these ones such as; the red and blonde! Haven’t you noticed that we began our topic directly? Yup, we’ve! Anyways, let’s continue our talk! Okay, we’ve taken a speedy look at the colors that Lovato has dyed her long hair with this year, but what about the styles? The first thing that you have to know about the ‘X Factor’ judge’s hairstyles is that they aren’t so many. The second thing is that among them you can see true pieces of art, at least that’s how I see them!

Anyways, I guess that there’s nothing left right now for us to know other than the her hairstyles. So let’s start presenting them, my dear readers. When you take a glimpse at this year’s lookbook of Demi, you can see by yourselves that there’re too many down dos. Yeah, like usual! She’s worn different styles of them; the straight, curly and wavy, and all of them have had so charming and gorgeous look. Besides the down dos, the singer has also worn quite diverse styles of the half up half down hairstyles. Do you remember when I said pieces of art? Yeah? Then, I have to tell you that this word definitely refers to some of these half updos. For example, she has combined one of her half up half down dos with a pompadour at the front of her head which has looked alluring and true eye catching. You may say that she’s tried to get herself a retro-but-modern look or something by wearing such a hairdo! I know that there’s some of you who may not like that half updo, but I can’t tell you anything in that case. I guess that you’re about to ask me about the rest of her half updos, right? Okay, the rest of them have had the usual alluring, soft and elegant look.

The ponytails have been also of the rocking and spectacular long hairstyles worn by the ‘X Factor’ judge during 2012. Specifically, she’s worn both of the high and low styles. Let’s not forget to mention that she’s also stunned us with the braids she’s worn for a couple of times and both of them have had stunning and eye catching look. Which hairstyles else has the young star worn?! Huh, guess! Besides all of the last mentioned ones, Lovato hasn’t forgotten to cope with the hair trends and worn the top knots which have given her fashionable look. Also, she’s not forgotten to wear the loose buns which are of her favorites. In addition, the young actress has been seen wearing a bobby pinned updo which has had very elegant and attractive look. Just it, my precious ladies, we’ve finished! So I’m going to leave you with yourselves to take a look at the attached pictures below and get inspired with them. Who knows? Maybe, you’re going to imitate one of them and wear it at your school, prom, outing, any other places or occasions. In all the cases, we wish you a stunning, glamorous and sexy look!

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