23 Scrumptious Diaper Bag Cakes for Baby Showers

No baby shower would be complete without a cake, would it? So what do you do if you want the cake to be a present for the mother, or mother-to be? Sure, it is easy to pop down to the local store and pick up a fancy cake, but that won’t be very special. So occasionally you need to pass the problem over to the experts and leave them to come up with a solution. Well, recently we published a post on baby bottom cakes, and no we weren’t implying that the cakes were ‘baby’ in size either! We thought these were a fantastic idea for a baby shower, and then when we searched for other ideas, we were blown away by these diaper bag baby shower cakes. It never ceases to amaze us at Stylish Eve just how creative cake makers and cake decorators can be.

We love the fact that from the selection of twenty bags we have for you here, not one of them looks the same. This means that the ‘artists’ who create these culinary ‘masterpieces’ are all individual creative free spirits and we applaud them for their incredible attention to detail. From tiny little bootees and dummies, all the way to little teddy bears and bottles, the thought and care which has gone in to each and every one of these cakes is unbelievable. We also like the fact that even at such a young age, a Chanel diaper bag is seen as appropriate – allowing the baby to aspire from early on. There still remains the same perennial question though when you see cakes like these. Aren’t they really just too good to eat? We may like cake at Stylish Eve, but we also appreciate craftsmanship!