Dior Homme Fall/Winter 2012 Menswear Collection

The famous fashion empire Dior Homme has revealed its fall/winter 2012 menswear collection. That collection has combined between modernity, classiness and chicness, you know like any other collection presented by Dior Homme. The main designer of that stunning collection is the Belgian fashion designer Kris Van Assche. Kris Van Assche has been inspired in these latest men’s fashion trends by the military environment. Kris has mixed between that military atmosphere and the French luxury. That sort of mixture has made that collection the strongest and most glamorous collection among the other fall/winter 2012 collections. In that collection, Kris has relied on using variety of dark & bright colors.. For example, Kris Van Assche used Olive, dark black and Beige colors. On the other hand, the designer has relied on using very rich, yet cozy fabrics like leather & wool in creating the items presented in Dior Homme fall/winter 2012 menswear collection. Now, let’s move from the colors & fabrics used to the stunning pieces presented by Dior Homme fall/winter 2012 menswear collection. When you take a look at that collection, you can see stunning items bouncing between modernity, formality & classiness. In that collection, you can see the loose & oversized topcoats with zippers ran up their back. That’s besides other styles of coats & jackets. You can also see tubular parkas and languid Ponchos. Of course, Dior Homme collection hasn’t forgotten to add formal & chic slim suits. Each piece of those last mentioned ones looked in very unique, chic and glamorous ways. Even those words aren’t enough to describe them! By such a collective fall/winter 2012 fashion trend, you can’t say that Dior Homme fashion house has forgotten any man with any style!! So, you don’t have any reason that prevents you from getting yourself an item or may be more of Dior Homme fall/winter 2012 menswear collection!!

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