26 Dogs Hugging Their Owners

A dog is man’s best friend, or woman’s for that matter, and both humans and animals will always find ways to express their feelings towards each other. As an old saying goes “A hug is the shortest distance between friends” and we have plenty of examples of that for you here. In fact we already know just how much of a bond exists between a dog and its owner when we showed you a selection of video clips of dogs greeting their military owners on returning from the Gulf (the soldiers that is, not the dogs!) It is also an interesting fact that in dog psychology circles, many dogs perceive a hug from their owner as a sign of dominance. However we are not totally convinced as humans are generally much larger than their dogs, so to them pretty much everything we do has a dominant aspect to it.

The question is, which sort of dog would you like a hug from? We appear to have a complete cross-section for you here, ranging from small and cute puppies and terriers, to terrifyingly big Great Danes. Clearly the majority of these dogs love a good cuddle and why not, as if you are a genuine dog lover, as opposed to just a dog owner, then you’ll know there is nothing better than giving your dog a hug and then curling up together on the sofa and sharing a cookie or two! We have to admit though that some of these dog owners must be pretty strong. Did you know that a Great Dane can weigh anything between 40kg and 90kg? It used to be that a lap dog was any small breed of dog, but nowadays it seems that any dog has the right to call itself a lap dog if it can fit precariously on your knee.