24 Spooky and Uncanny Doppelgänger Lookalikes

Most of us have been caught up in a conversation at some point in our life when someone has either said “You remind me of someone” or “I’m sure we’ve met before”. It is always good ice-breaker at a party, but a chat-up line that too many women have heard time and time again. But what if the person you are talking to is actually being genuine? After all, everyone is supposed to have a doppelgänger, or almost perfect lookalike, somewhere in the world, either past or present. One evening I was watching a film and nearly fell off the chair when I spotted someone who looked exactly as I did, but he spoke with a broad American accent. Over the next half an hour I had more than half a dozen phone calls from friends asking if I had seen myself on television! I am sorry to say that actor was not George Clooney or Tom Cruise, and I believe he is now probably as obscure a person as I am!

1.Barack Obama and Ilham Anas, a photographer from Java

2.Sylvester Stallone and a character in the 16th Century fresco Stanza della Signatura, located in the Vatican

3.The actor Nicholas Cage and an Unknown American from the 19th Century

4.The actor and singer Justin Timberlake and an unknown felon from the 19th century.

5.Rupert Grint, an actor best known for role in the Harry Potter films, bears more than a striking resemblance to the Scottish painter Sir David Wilkie.

6.The abolitionist John Brown looks remarkably like Martin Sheen.

7.Vincent Van Gogh and Chuck Norris could have been twins!

8.Hank Azaria, the actor, and Rudolph Steiner, the educationalist, must have family connections somewhere.

9.There seems to be more than a passing resemblance between Shia Laboeuf , the actor, and Albert Einstein, the genius and inventor.

10.It looks like the actor and comedian, Jack Black, is ready to reprise a role in ’The Barber of Seville’.

11.Christopher Lloyd from the film ‘Back to the Future’ looks like the politician John C. Calhoun.
Sir Anthony Hopkins and Socrates could be twin brothers!

12.Sir Anthony Hopkins and Socrates could be twin brothers!

13.The actor Andrew Garfield could easily pass for the political activist Leon Trotsky.

14.The actress Maggie Gylenhaal looks spookily similar to the historical journalist and women’s rights leader, Rose Wilder Lane.

15.‘Matrix’ star and actor Keanu Reeves looks very like Louis-Maurice Boutet, a French painter and illustrator of children’s books.

16.Ellen DeGeneres, actress and comedian, has a feint resemblance to American author, Henry David Thoreau.

17.John Travolta, actor, and an American Gentleman from the 19th Century must be related.

18.Paul Giamatti, actor, and William Shakespeare, Elizabethan playwright surely come from the same gene pool.

19.A shocking similarity between Jay-Z and an unknown man from 1920’s Harlem.

20.More than a passing likeness between Jon Stewart, actor, and Henry Ward Beecher the preacher.

21.The actor Alec Baldwin and Millard Fillmore, 13th President of the United States of America.

22.Are there family ties between Jeffrey Tambor the actor and Benjamin Franklin of kite and lightening fame?

23.There must be a connection somewhere between the Actor Tommy Lee Jones and Andrew Johnson, 17th President of the United States of America.

24.World War II General Douglas MacArthur looks uncannily like the actor Bruce Willis.

However after recently posting a list of 23 funny lookalikes we thought it would be quite a good idea to post some more images of people who look like….well….other people rather than an animal or inanimate object. We must admit when we saw one or two of these we were quite shocked at the resemblance, and we all now are beginning to think that reincarnation could be a distinct possibility.

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  1. The Jay Z one was dead on! Could have been twins…

  2. Maybe they are all vampires! 😛

  3. Se equivocaron con Charlie Sheen