Dramatic Use of Modern Décor in Beirut by Antoni Associates

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Undertaking an apartment refurbishment calls for meticulous attention to detail — and sometimes, dramatic change. That’s what Antoni Associates plans for this home at LB Platinum in Beirut: a renovation that, as Antoni says, is “unique in its detail and quality of finish,” using “dramatic forms and luxurious finishes” to create a customized treatment of cutting-edge modern luxury. Accents of gold play off reflective finishes on ceilings above the bar and dining area, around the entertainment center and even off gleaming tile in a sumptuous bathroom. Light wood grain flooring harmonizes with pale gray and off-white walls; black-and-white marble is an elegant touch in a corridor leading to a sunlit window. Furniture is casual and has touches of the unexpected: a shining dining room table has squared-off wood seating around it, with cushions that almost resemble office chairs.

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There are other striking differences between this space and many other contemporary residences, one being the lack of vast expanses of glass often seen in open and “flowing” floor plans. Outdoor light comes through narrow windows, diffused through rooms without drawing attention to itself. Ceiling lights, recessed lighting, and an almost sculptural black lamp in the living room all identify this style as ‘cutting-edge modern’. But perhaps nothing speaks “ultra-contemporary” as much as the massive “chandelier” above the bar. Clearly a custom-made piece, it appears to be a series of squares or fabric lighted from within — with trailing “threads” that hang in a random pattern — it’s framed in shining chrome and hangs from two links of chain. Sounds unusual…and it is. It’s an arrangement that suits the name of this space: platinum…the standard even above gold, for an apartment that’s one of a kind.

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