Easy Living on an Exclusive Estate: Silverhurst by Antoni Associates

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Step into the modern villa at Silverhurst, Cape Town, by Antoni Associates, and you might first notice the soaring entrance and skylights — or the zebra rug on the hallway floor. The designers’ concept is that of “symbiosis between the interiors and the architecture” in “a clean but carefully considered scheme that soothes with its high-end modern appeal.” Indoors and outdoors blend in a continuous flow: guests can dine at the long wood table and relax in the contemporary modern chairs while enjoying views of the alfresco courtyard. The “clean” lines of which the designers speak are achieved with the lavish use of pure white; it forms a backdrop for both the expansive panorama outdoors and the simple but elegant furnishings within, including an emphasis on fine art that is integral to this “carefully considered scheme.”

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Paintings have pride of place over a wood grain sideboard, a kitchen island, and the sky-lit corridor; abstract mixed-media art highlights the fireplace wall. Just outside, nature’s art takes over: graceful willows sweep to ground level, their silvery hues reflected in the pool — and serving as a still life themselves, viewed through the bedroom windows. Lounging areas, both indoors and out, are plump-cushioned neutral couches and chairs; a cozy white rug pampers the toes in the living area, while wall-to-wall sedate gray carpeting warms the walk through the bedroom. Polished wood floors unify the interior, while greenery and cool white benches encourage quiet moments outside. Whether indoors or out, this modern villa in the exclusive gated estate at Silverhurst, achieves the designers’ aim of soothing…with sophistication.

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