Eclectic Style in an Exclusive Ground-floor Apartment by Antoni Associates

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If you’re on the deck and pool area of this ground-floor apartment in the Bantry, Cape Town, South Africa, you can be forgiven for thinking that Bantry 102 by Antoni Associates is yet another sleek, ultra-modern interior treatment. However, step inside the apartment and that impression will vanish — as Antoni says, “The interior combines a classic style with contemporary living.” “Classic style” is a convenient way to describe this eclectic mix of ornate, traditional, and modern within the apartment, a mix that not only “works” somehow, but works beautifully. On one hand, you see a sleek, minimalist kitchen with stainless steel, recessed lighting, unornamented wood-grain cabinets; on the other, sit down at the breakfast bar and you’re on rustic stools looking at a classic “China hutch.” And that’s just the beginning of the surprising “pairings” you’ll find here.

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An open corridor is all neutrals, travertine and cool reflections — complemented with ornate gilt-edged tables holding elegant blue and white pottery and crystal, against a backdrop of framed scenic photographic art and paintings. An alcove holds a black lacquered sculpture — and Chinese blue and white 19th-century ceramics. In the dining room, a contemporary glass chandelier and prints on the walls complement a traditional dining table and pale-blue floral upholstered chairs. And let’s not forget the thoroughly-modern “bamboo” effect on a wall…behind yet another ornate gilded table and hanging oval mirror. Everywhere, the contrasts abound; yet the details make a homey, pleasing whole that invariably flows outward to the soothing blues of pool, al fresco area, and views of sea and sky. It’s the best of many worlds…and a welcoming, happy space.

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