Elegant Mosaic Wall Tiles for Modern Bathrooms

Mosaic tile is one of the most elegant wall treatments; it’s a charming art that gives the wall a poetic look and brings to the place a very esthetic ambience. In modern decorating styles, mosaic tiles are used frequently in bathrooms with contemporary designs and original looks. Here is a collection of 10 different examples of modern bathrooms where walls are decorated by very pretty mosaic tiles. To bring a springy atmosphere in the bathroom, play with colors. A colorful mosaic wall tile should add to the place a very shiny and cheerful look especially if you associated it with white bathroom furniture and some touches of colors from the palette of the mosaic on the wall to enhance the look. Mosaic wall tiles could be also present in a very minimalist bathroom; a mosaic wall with geometric motifs should look so stylish with the sleek lines of the minimalist bathroom furniture.

To evoke the fresh sea spirit in your bathroom, you can depend on mosaic. Apply on one wall a simple mosaic tile design that only plays on the combination of blue & white colors; choosing a blue tone reminds of the summery beach days like aqua blue. For a simple yet sophisticated look, opt for mosaic tiles on only one wall, the one behind the shower for example, in taupe color and marry it with other neutral colors like light grey on the rest of the walls and white tones in furniture. To highlight the whole, go for accessories in a delicious color like red that will revive the entire bathroom look. And for a more chic yet contemporary touch, choose an accessory like the chandelier for example in a sophisticated classic shape with modern colors & finishes.

To create a luxurious atmosphere in your bathroom, you can choose to customize it in the Turkish “Hammam” style. For this, dress all the bathroom walls and even the floors in mosaic tiles in a harmony of warm colors around the beige & brown tones. If you prefer to use mosaic tiles only in small touches instead of applying them on a whole wall; you can add the pretty effect of mosaic by using it to decorate boarders. Horizontal or vertical, very thin or thick, in the same color of the wall or in a different one, it’s up to you to choose the look of the mosaic boarder; each one of the previous options will look amazing.

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