Elegant & Practical Kitchen Designs

Because a kitchen is the place where we are always working, it must be a practical & comfortable room where we love to spend a lot of time. To feel good in the kitchen, it has to be both beautiful and functional, so your eyes become comfortable before starting work and then your mood as well becomes nice when you find everything you need in hand, thus cooking turns into a very enjoyable time. Practicality in the kitchen comes through two major elements: kitchen design and kitchen accessories. Thanks to few tips, you can make your kitchen a very practical place while keeping on its esthetic look. The kitchen island is a very practical unit because it allows you to benefit from a large work surface and a large storage space at the same time; it can also be used to delineate areas between the kitchen and the dining room which allows you to keep on the open kitchen style while marking each space. In addition, to enjoy meals in the kitchen, you can choose an island model in which one side is actually a dining table that can accommodate stools for dining or breakfast. This gives you a large work surface and allows you to have meals in a friendly & cozy atmosphere.

If you do not have a sufficient number of high cupboards in your kitchen, you can add shelves. Shelves are not just going to give you more space to store your dishes but also will allow exposing your beautiful kitchen accessories. Because it is not always easy to place the hood in the kitchen as it takes the place of storage cupboards, you can opt for a hood that fits directly under a kitchen cabinet so you don’t lose any storage space. If you have no place to put your microwave oven on your countertop, you can install it in height. There are special shelves made especially to accommodate microwaves safely. To always have on hand the utensils you use mostly, you can opt for hooks fixed on the wall. This way you will win more free space in the kitchen closets. To have a good lighting on the work surface is important, however, it is not always easy to correctly illuminate a worktop. For this, you can install a light backsplash that will protect the kitchen wall while lighting your space.

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