Elegant Simplicity in Pool and Spa: Toorak 2 by OFTB Melbourne

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Sometimes, “less” truly is “more” when it brings about a clean, uncluttered look in your yard, as displayed in this design by Melbourne’s OFTB Landscape Architecture & Pool Construction. Surrounded by neatly trimmed green lawn, the pool’s hardscape is a selection of natural materials as well, concrete and sandstone among them. Light-colored concrete walls provide privacy fencing, their lines softened by rows of trees that are up-lighted at night for a splendid “framing” effect around the long rectangular space. Everything here invites relaxation, from the raised pool deck and square spa to the cascading “fall” and low-lying plantings. But everything here is also ready and waiting for a splash party, a cookout, or any special celebration, thanks to a well-equipped outdoor cooking and eating area.

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Entertaining is simple and unfussy here, with sliding glass doors that virtually guarantee a smooth flow of guests from barbecue to canopied dining table to indoors and back. Both grey iron bark and galvanized steel play a role in the sturdy cooking area; variegated shades of blue glass mosaics brighten both pool and spa, providing gleaming light in the sun and a special shimmer by night. Sculptured beds provide just the right touch of formality to balance the easygoing lines of concrete stepping stones and warm cedar cladding around the tops of the fence. It’s all here for loads of outdoor fun — the water, the sun, the lush greenery, and the handy cooking areas for the “foodies” who stop by — at Toorak 2, this Australian property with skilled design from OFTB.

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