Emma Stone Hairstyles 2012

Today, we’re going to present a hairstyle lookbook of one of the most famous redhead stars in Hollywood since the beginnings of 2012 till the recent days. Can you guess who she is?! Nope? If so, let me give you more hints. You need to know that although she’s known as a redhead, she’s naturally blonde. This is the first hint while the second one is that her hair has been seen in either the long or medium lengths this year. The third and last hint is that she’s stunned us with her role in the “The Amazing Spider-Man” movie. Yippee, precious readers, today’s star is definitely the gorgeous Emma Stone.

Ladies and gentlemen, let’s open our lookbook and start showing off how the actress has worn her hair locks since the year started. The updos are among the most charming hairstyles worn by Stone in 2012. She’s sported various styles of them starting from the buns to the twisted and bobby pinned updos. Also, you can find an elegant style of chignons besides these last mentioned ones. There’s something that you need to know about the buns she’s worn. That thing is that some of them have been casual and carefree while the others have got that elegant and tidy look, but in all cases, they’ve not been less than eye catching.

The next hairdos that you can find in the talented star’s lookbook are the ponytails. Though she’s worn them for a couple of times or maybe more, they have got that so pretty look that forces you to love them! Another thing that you need to know is that she’s opted for sporting the low and mid height ponytails. The “Crazy, Stupid, Love” starlet has also been seen wearing alluring and soft styles of the half updos. Do you think that these ‘dos are enough? Of course, they aren’t and that’s actually what Emma thought too! I mean that she’s not stopped at wearing the last mentioned hairstyles only and opted for other ones such as; the down dos. The sleek straight, soft wavy and loose curly are the styles of the flowing hairdos that our beloved star has worn this year.

The last haircuts that you can see in Emma’s lookbook of 2012 are the lobs. I do imagine some of you saying; “what?” Ladies, the lobs are the long bob haircuts and nothing more! To be more specific, I have to tell you that the actress has opted for wearing the shoulder length ones. That’s it, our dear fans! The only thing that’s left for you to know is that the “Ghosts of Girlfriends Past” star has accented some of her ‘dos with amazing accessories like; pins and clips. Ladies, don’t forget that you’re absolutely free to pull off any of the actress’s hairstyles and try it. Yeah! Why not? A trial won’t harm at all as long as you remember our famous piece of advice which is to take your face shape, hair type and personal style into your considerations. Now, I can say goodbyes and wish you an amazing and eye catching look anywhere and at any time.

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