Errol Douglas Hairstyles

Have you heared about Errol Douglas?!. You haven’t, how come?!!. It can’t be, there is no woman on the earth doesn’t know who is Errol Douglas?!. Since you don’t know who is Errol Douglas, let met introduce him to you. I mean, let me introduce him virtually to you!!. Errol Douglas is a famous and well known british hairstylist. Errol Douglas has been known by his creative, fabulous and untraditional hairstyles for women. Because of his creativity and uniqueness which have appeared in all of his women hairstyles, Errol Douglas has been nominated 13 times to the British Hairdresser of the year. Not only that, but Errol Douglas has also worn the Afro Category award for three times, the Fellowship for British Hairdressing’s hairdresser of the year, the Creative Head Media Darling of the year, the British Master Award at the Australian Hair Fashion Award…etc. In fact, Errol Douglas has won many awards and fellowships and I can’t write them all.. Forgive me, they’re really too many to be written, they may need a seperate post or something!!!. Beside all of those many awards and fellowships, Errol has built an empire of hair salons for many places all over the world. Errol Douglas can be considered as one of the most talent, creative and smart hairstylists all over the world. Errol is one of those hairstylists who create the hairstyles to be like a standards for the other hairstylists around the globe. Each year or specifically each fashion season, Errol Douglas is shocking and wowing the whole world by his stunning, glamorous, fashionable and spectacular hairstyles. Errol Douglas doesn’t present to the women only the hairstyles that they can wear on their regular day or any evening party or something. Beside those day & night hairstyles, Errol Douglas has presented many bridal hairstyles for the women. You may say that the Errol Douglas’ Empire is producing two lines of the hairstyles; the bridal hairstyles line and the day & night hairstyles line. Recently, Errol Douglas has added a new line for the men hairstyles adn that’s after adding Jamie Steven to his team. Anyway, let me don’t forget to mention that also because of the fame, creativity and great talent of Errol Douglas himself and all of his team, many celebrity are dealing with him. Some of those female celebrity whose being styled by Errol Douglas’ Empire are; LAdy Victoria Hervey, Lady Helen Windsor, Diana Ross, Iman, Kelly Brook, All Saints, Liberty, Emily Lloyd, Emilia Fox, Sophie Anderton, Michelle Collins, Emma Griffiths, Annie Lennox, Naomi Campbell and Debbie Seaman.. Wait, just stay focused as there are more like; Dawn French, Jennifer Saunders, Cat Deeley, Christie Turlington, Cindy Crawford, Brad Pitt and I think that’s enough even there are many other celebrities who are dealing with Errol Douglas!!. You can say that many celebrities are trusting Errol Douglas more than any other hairstylist. So, Why not we trust him too?!. By that, I don’t mean traveling all the way to any branch of his to get our hair styled!!.. There’s another simple, easy and very cheap way is to look at some of his hairstyles’ pictures, by the way those pictures are located below! and you can simply imitate them.. How easy?!!.. I think it’s the time of the farewell and leaving you enjoying the wowing and spectacular hairstyles created by Errol Douglas.

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