Eva Longoria Hairstyles 2012

Spectacular is one of the many words that I can say to describe how the famous actress Eva Longoria has looked like since the start of 2012 till now! And of course, her hair has been part of all of these spectacular, stunning and eye catching looks like usual! I guess that there’s no need to say that that’s going to be our topic today. So are you ready to come with me in a virtual tour to discover how the superstar has worn her long hair this year? Yup, ladies, her hair is long this year! You may say that Eva has been one of the stars who haven’t opted for cutting her hair short or medium, but who knows?! Anyway, let’s start our tour! But let’s start it with the following question; ‘Which hairstyles do you think that Longoria has worn this year?!’. Hey, ladies, think and tell me your answer! Think, think, what a woman with long hair can dress it?! Okay, that’s enough! Stop thinking and I’m going to tell you! The updos are of the most astonishing and gorgeous hairstyles that the actress has worn this year. Let me tell you that she has worn diverse styles of them such as the high buns which have had so tidy and chic look sometimes while in others they have had so casual and stylish look.

Also, she has been seen more than once wearing the French twists that have given her classy and attractive look like usual. Besides, she has sported various styles of the chignons which haven’t been less elegant, chicer or classier than both of the twists and buns. Different styles of the updos, but all of them are fabulous and glamorous! Besides the updos, our beloved actress has sported stunning, awesome and definitely sexy styles of the ponytail hairdos. Specifically, she has worn the mid height and high ponytails most of the times. To be honest with you, the first ones have been worn by her much more than the latter ones. Another thing you have to know about these ponytails besides their styles and looks is that the superstar has mostly accented them with the bouffants which added more glamour and attractiveness to them. Can you imagine how our beloved star would look like while wearing a classic braid?! Based on the imagination, you’d see her looking so gorgeous and awesome, right? But let me tell you that that’s actually how she has looked like! Yeah, ladies, Longoria has worn a sweet side swept, classic braid.

The last hairstyles that ‘Desperate Housewives’ starlet has worn heavily during 2012 are the down dos. If you’re not convinced with the word ‘heavily’, then I have to tell you take a look at the attached pictures below. Then tell me how many times have you seen the superstar wearing a down do? Too many times, aren’t they?! She has opted for wearing the different styles of the down dos either the straight, curly or wavy ones and all of them have given her super hot and glam look. Let me tell you that she has accented some of her flowing hairdos by either adding a sweet and tiny braid at the front of her head, sweeping her bangs backwards to create a soft bouffant or letting her layered bangs to flow down and give her a great face framing.

Now, let me remember are there any things left for me to say?! Yes, actually, there’re! One of these things is to tell you that if you charmed by any of the hairstyles worn by Eva Longoria this year and wanted to copycat it, you’d have to keep in your mind the three famous things ‘hair type, face shape and your personality’ while doing that! I know it’s too much to remind you with that thing each time, but my dear lady, I care for you and your look! I guess that that’s the only thing that I needed to say. Thus, nothing left except goodbyes and our wishes for you to get a heartbreakingly fabulous, attractive look.

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