Family Spot for All Ages: Courtyard Garden, Woollahra, by Secret Gardens

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This fun spot, in the Edgecliff area of Woollahra, is a garden that works with a modern terraced house and accommodates the needs of a young family in a clever design by Sydney’s Secret Gardens. A lovely water wall, with a relaxing cascade and seating area, is there for Mom and Dad when it’s time to just unwind from the day or entertain friends. They can host picnics at the bench and table anytime, with the neat awning providing shade even from the heat of the day, while being able to keep an eye on their little ones at play in the adjoining wood deck; one entire wall of this area is a chalkboard for budding artists! There’s lots of room for riding toys, a built-in wood grain bench with pillows for taking it easy, and beautiful hardy plants on either side for a cool touch of screening.

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Further enhancing the indoor/outdoor living of this space is a bright stone patio, a great spot for sunbathing or relaxation a few steps up from the kids’ area. Feathery trees in planters with warm wood grain trim give a touch of shade and a light, airy ambience to this area; wood grain accents tie it together with the rest of the garden nicely. Natural materials throughout make it easy-care, with a handy drain among the stones that takes care of both rain runoff and any stray water from tree maintenance. With different handy outdoor “rooms” available to this family, there’s space to grow and adapt the garden as the kids get older…to continue to keep it everyone’s perfect escape, a trademark of Secret Gardens.

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