Female Athletic Hairstyles at London 2012 Olympics

Unfortunately, London 2012 Olympics are about to end or maybe, when that topic is published, it’d be already ended! But can that prevent us, women, to get inspired with the stylish hairstyles worn by the different female athletes at it? Absolutely not! Actually, that’s what we’re going to do today, presenting some of the diverse hairstyles worn by the athletes on the different Olympic days. Just allow me to clarify some important points before starting doing that. Yeah, ladies, like usual! Anyways, the first point that you need to know is that we’re not going to say that hairdo was worn by either the athletes X, Y or the GB, US, other teams. Got what i meant? Simply and briefly, I’m going to try as much as i can to make it general. To be honest with you, there might be some exceptions! The last point is that these hair dos and cuts are various which means that they come in different lengths starting from the short and medium to long or sometimes super long. I guess that these points are enough, so let’s begin doing what we came to do.

By the way, we’re going to start with the short hairstyles which many Olympians have opted for. I think that there’s no need to tell me ‘why?’. As all of us know that the short hair is effortless, simple and easy to maintain which means that it’s very suitable for sportive atmosphere. Anyways, forget about the last unreseanable discussion and concentrate! The first short hairstyles that you can see being sported by some athletes at the 2012 summer Olympics are the pixie cuts. Some of them have had that so masculine look while the others have mixed in some how between the femininity and masculinity, but all of them are stylish. Also, some athletes have opted for sporting the short spiky, layered and bob hairstyles which haven’t had less stylish look than the pixie cuts. Besides the latter and first ones, you can also find the slicked back hairstyles being worn. Before moving to the other side which is the side of the long medium hairdos, i have to tell you that both of the partings and bangs have been like the completing pieces of some of the last mentioned haircuts which have definitely contributed in making them more eye catching and fashionable.

If you were an Olympian whose hair is either long or medium, which hairdos would you opt for?! Women, live the moment and think like an athlete! I’m sure that some of you may say; ‘I’d braid my hair or tie it in a ponytail’. How smart are you?! Actually, most of the female athletes and teams have chosen to wear either the ponytails or braids. Let me tell you that some of them have mixed between the both hairdos. I can sense that there’re some of you who are curious to know which styles of the ponytail and braid hairdos have been worn, right? Hence, let me tell you! Concerning the first ones, the low, mid height, high, curly, cascaded and braided ponytails have been worn by the athletes. Concerning the latter ones, you can see that the cornrows and classic braids have been the most worn. Oops, I forgot to tell you that maybe one or more athletes have been seen wearing braided pigtails. If you asked me about my opinion in all of these hairstyles, I’d tell you that they are gorgeous, alluring, stylish and eye catching. I’m sure that some of you would agree with me concerning that matter.

None can deny that the last mentioned can be considered as the most dominating hairstyles, but that doesn’t mean that they’re the only ones? I mean that there’re other long medium hairdos which you can also get inspired with such as the knots or the buns like most of us call them. This year, you can see different cute, stunning and alluring styles of them like; high, low, classic, loose, braided and even double buns being worn whether by the gymnastics or the other athletes. What else besides the buns? Mmm, you can also find the half up half down hairdos which have had the usual cute and gorgeous look that we all know. Also, you can find the down dos! I know that some of you would wonder how come an athlete has the guts to let her hair flows down while competing, isn’t she afraid of losing?! Woman, i know it may see weird, but can’t say anything other than that in most times how professional and talented you’re is the most important thing! Let me not forget to tell you that the medium bob cuts are also of the stylish hairstyles that some Olympians have opted for this year. Now, I can tell you that by mentioning these cuts, we’ve reached the final page of our Olympics 2012 inspired hairstyles lookbook. That means that I’m going to leave you with yourselves to take a look at the attached pictures and get inspired. So wish you great time and goodbyes!

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