Fergie Hairstyles

Fergie’s lovers and followers gather here, right now! As today we’re going to present a gift for you all. Can you guess what it is? Dear readers, use your high IQ! Okay, stop guessing and let me tell you that our gift is going to be nothing but a lookbook that includes some of the diverse fabulous and eye catching hairstyles worn by our beloved multi talented star. Is there someone asks why i said ‘multi talented’? Dear reader, I said so because she’s a singer, song writer, fashion designer, TV hostess and actress. Anyway, are you curious to know what our lookbook contains? Of course, you’re! So, let’s hurry up and start! Actually, before doing so, I have to tell you few, yet important things in a hurry. One of those things is that our glamorous singer’s hair has been either medium, long or even super long and it’s never been short; at least that’s based on what i knew and saw while searching. Anyway, besides that you need to know that it has mostly relied on using the following colors; black, blonde and brunette to either fully dye her hair or add highlight it. That was the second and last thing that I had to say.

Now, let’s truly start the real show! Both of the curly and wavy down dos can be considered as the most heavily worn hairstyles by Stacy Ann Ferguson or Fergie as all of us know her, since her appearance till the recent days. I won’t be exaggerating, If i say that she has tried most of the types of both of the curls & waves! Concerning the first ones, she has sported the loose & soft, luscious and spiral curls. On the other hand, concerning the latter ones, she has mostly sported the loose & soft and beachy waves. But let me admit that all of them have given her a heartbreakingly gorgeous and hot look. Anyway, besides her great fascination with the curls and waves, she hasn’t absolutely forgotten to charm all of her fans by wearing the straight down dos which have given her very sparkling and spectacular look. Briefly, you can say that Ferguson has made use of all the different styles of the down do hairstyles. Besides these ones, she has also been fascinated by the ponytails and she has worn different spectacular and awesome styles of them. But let me tell you that some of them have looked very soft and feminine, yet classic while the others have looked so modern, yet futuristic with a retro vibe! Can you imagine how look a woman’s hairdo would have when the three times meet together? If you can’t either imagine that or believe me, take a look at them by your own eyes and judge.

Besides the loosely flowing and ponytail hairstyles, she has also worn the pigtails. Yup, you’re not dreaming! To be more specific, she has sported braided styles. Despite knowing that is sort of shocking, I have to tell you that she has looked awesome and sexy while wearing them. I know that there’re some of you who completely disagree with me, but that can never be a problem! When you take a look at our lookbook, you can also see that Ferguson has also worn the braid hairstyles. To be more specific with you, I have to tell you that she has mostly worn the side swept classic French and fishtail braids. And let me tell you that like she has worn the braids as single hairstyles, she has used them to accent some others. In addition to all of the last mentioned, she has also sported spectacular, stunning and sexy, yet quite few styles of the half updos. Let me you that one or maybe some of these half up half down hairdos have combined between vintageness and modernity! It seems that combining between the glamour of the past and stylishness of the present is one of the features that Stacey likes to have in hairdo. Also, Stacy has been seen wearing the high and classic mid height buns and that’s besides the loose and curly updo hairstyles. Concerning the latter ones, I have to tell you that she has shocked all of her fans once by wearing a childish, spiral curly updo. But i think that there’s no need to be shocked at all because of that hairdo as based on what i remember she’s done so while attending one of the Halloween parties. And you know Halloween always needs to look shocking and unexpected!

As i said at the beginnings that all of the last mentioned hairdos range from super long & long to medium, right? So right! But i have to tell you that the glamorous celebrity has tried wearing a short hair recently. Before you think that I was not honest or even lied, let me tell you that that short hair was nothing but a faux bob haircut! Hence, you can say that she has wanted to try the feelings of having a short cut before taking a serious move and cut her long or medium length hair. I think that by reaching that far, there’s nothing left for me to say except one tiny thing which is to tell you that some of Fergie’s hairstyles have been embroidered by the accessories as; tiaras and different styles of the headbands like; satin, diamond or braided ones. Actually, doing so has increased her glamour, elegance and stylishness. Now, I’m going to leave you with yourselves to take a look at the attached pictures below. Who knows? May you pick any one of them and try to imitate it to feel the Ferglamour, I mean Fergie’s glamour. So wish you great luck and wonderful look!

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