Floral Wallpaper Motifs for Modern & Classic Interiors

Even in winter, dare to refresh your interior by bringing a springy spirit to break the cold weather with floral wallpaper motifs that are coming back strongly in the world of decoration. Maybe it is still related to the classic style, but it is beginning to be used in the modern style as well to create a classy baroque effect. To get inspired, we present you some floral ideas for wallpaper patterns; take a look. To add the classic Baroque style, a wallpaper motif with large arabesques and stylized flowers will be very impressive. Use bold colors to give it a touch of modernity. A floral pattern in soft colors is a timeless motif; it matches better with classic decorating style, and the advantage of tender colors is that they are more flexible with furniture colors but would be very beautiful especially with dark furniture. If the flowers motif means romance for you, a subtle one with delicate pink flowers will be perfect. It will add a very rustic style while dressing the wall with charm, this one is ideal for bedrooms. For an elegant style, focus on stylized branches of flowers that bloom on a white background. The combination of blue and white will create a very classic style inspired by English designs.

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