Floral Wallpaper Motifs for Spring

It’s not only in outdoors where we can enjoy the delight of being surrounded by fresh flowers, in our interiors as well; orchids, daisies and magnolias are going to flourish our walls thanks to the pretty wallpaper motifs that will bring the spring in our homes. In this post, you will find many floral wallpaper motif designs to match with all home decorating styles. Know that floral wallpapers are no more reserved for classic style; modern floral motifs became so trendy and they are now used a lot in contemporary & even minimalist decoration. In addition, they represent an important decorative element in baroque and retro styles. In a contemporary decoration, a gray wall background decorated with orchid motifs drawn by pencil in flashy pink will create a very artistic yet modern ambience. While for a retro look, we can use a dark wallpaper background decorated with rows of large blue flowers alternating with rows of small red flowers for example. For a charming & feminine atmosphere, we opt for a wallpaper in a very light color as background and decorated with soft floral patterns in pastel colors, it would be also nice if we find subtle floral motifs accompanied by pretty birds; this would create a very romantic look, ideal for the bedroom yet can be applied in any other room of the house. For a very stylish look in your modern interior, go for black & white floral wallpapers. The result is fascinating; you will enter the charming spirit of the flowers in your home while keeping on the very contemporary decoration.

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