Full Expression in Contrast: Continuum Project by B. Pila Design Studio, Miami

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The philosophy of B. Pila Design Studio in Miami, Florida, is simple: “It’s all about you…a home should be all about expressing the lifestyle of the people in it.” The elements in this modern home, Continuum, express its owners’ approach to life eloquently. Wrapped in glass to afford the widest possible view of ocean and sky, the rooms are full of light, airy pastels, playing off the contemporary art of chrome, polished wood, and stone. Couch cushions are plump, with the merest hint of coral color, as if one is about to sit on the sand instead of on fabric; an ornamental ship with sails of gold and fuchsia graces an entertainment center cabinet. In a continuation of the “sand and sea” feel, pale coral is repeated on comfy loungers in the bedroom, and even mimicked on a silken bedspread.

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And always there is the counterpoint of the sea: from the balcony it sheds a misty light through expansive windows; a subtle blue tints kitchen surfaces and echoes on dining chair covers. The open floor plan allows easy service from kitchen to guests, with clear glass countertops and tables that give the surfaces an intriguing combination of transparency and strength. In the bedroom, whimsical modern art graces “window” shadow-box effects; in the bathroom, it stands in comfortable counterpoint to antique-looking circular mirror frames. Finally, even the lighting conveys a “floating” effect, with hanging chrome fixtures over the dining table and delicate lily-shaped lighting in the bathroom. In toto, the combination of sea influence and modern, lighthearted, touches in Continuum, make it an easy place to enjoy.

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