A Fun and Functional Kids’ Room: “e” by Nidi Design

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The lighted letters on the wall of this “e” room by Nidi Design say it all: “Play.” Nidi, an Italian design firm, has fans all over the world in kids — and their parents — because of its innovative, fun, and flexible designs. This room has everything: a space for work, in the clean-lined white desk and chair — and yellow-lined “cubes” on the wall for handy storage of books, papers, art materials, or whatever else strikes a child’s fancy. It’s got room for sleeping, with a neat platform bed covered in removable, washable fabrics that make staying neat a breeze. It’s even got space for self-expression, with a wardrobe from the Graphic collection surfaced in a way that lets kids jot notes, messages, or draw right on the “wall.”

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Color? Of course; neutrals kids can love — blueberry, lemon, and gray — “bounce” off pure white with just the right amount of energy for creativity, but not too much for relaxation. And these colors aren’t just reserved for fabric accents — an open storage “tray” in blue has handy white legs, a clever match with the bedside table in the same hue, but sporting a white drawer. And, finally, there’s Nidi’s unique and very playful touch: walls with pockets! What could be handier in a kid’s room than having a wall with its own place to “stash” things that may not fit well anywhere else, such as the arrows for an archery enthusiast? The answer? No one else does it quite the same way. This is “play” — with style.

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