Funky Hair Color Ideas for Women

When any woman says ” I want to get a funky look!”, all her thoughts are directed towards getting a new funky hairstyle. Okay, I’m totally with her, the hairstyle is always the base!. But she can get much funkier look by aiding her funky hairstyle with funky hair colors!!. There are many hair color ideas that are all about creating funky and stylish look. Those funky hair colors ideas can be applied by any woman having any haircuts from the long to the short haircut. Beside that, getting a funky hair colored head isn’t limited on certain skin color, certain hair texture or age!!.. You can say that the funky style is for all whether the hairstyles or the hair colors.. Anyway, let’s get much and much deeper to find out what are those funky hair colors?!!. Before starting, I’ve to tell you that the ideas that I’m going to talk about range from getting a full colored head to adding just colorful chunky highlights!!.. There are some color ideas that when you see them, you can’t tell yourself anything but ” So funky, out of the traditional, wild and totally bold!!”.. The colors which I’m talking about are the yellow, the orange, the pink, the purple, the green, the blue and the grey. Put beside those last mentioned colors, any other untraditional and un-natural hair colors.. With such a hair colors group, you’re having three options.. The first option is to dye your full head with any of those colors. The second option is just to add some chunky highlights of any of those hair colors to your hair.. The third and of course the last option is to dye your hair with some of those and some of these last mentioned hair colors to get a head looks like the rainbow or the Graffiti drawings on the wall!!!.. In fact, those three options will stay in front of you even if you don’t want to dye your hair with any of or all the mentioned hair colors!. Have you understood my last sentence?!!.. No, me neither!!. I mean that you can go far from those unnatural and untraditional hair colors ideas and get yourself a funky look by mixing and blending any of the natural and traditional hair colors like; the black, the blonde, the red or the brunette with their different shades.. In that case, you still have can choose any option of those last three and apply it!. By now, you’ve known how to get yourself a funky look by either using the unnatural & wild hair colors or using the natural & traditional hair colors.. Do you think those hair color ideas are enough?!!.. IF so, there are much more women who don’t agree with you and they are looking for much and much funkier look.. So, I’m going to tell the craziest idea that you can hear about only for those women!!. Those women can get much funkier look by mixing the two last mentioned hair color groups together!!.. I think nothing much crazier than that!!. I think that is enough talking from my side and starting the action from your side!!. Now, you can get the funkiest look ever by combining your bold and wild hairstyle with much bolder hair colors!. What a mix!!. Just enjoy your funky look and being like nobody else!!…..

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