Funny Bed Linen Models With Cartoon Characters for Kids’ Bedroom

Since they followed their adventures through the cartoons and comic books; the Smurfs, the Barbapapas, Winnie the Pooh, Hello Kitty and Tintin, became their great heroes! Just for our beloved children, this post is dedicated for them with a collection of bed linen models decorated by their favorite character themes that will be hard to ignore when decorating their bedrooms. The generation “Tintin” is not ready to end. After the comic books and cartoons, many children have loved the recent film adaptation of the adventures of Tintin. If this is the case with your child, this bed linen Tintin from Linvosges is made for him or for her. After turning the head of all girls all over the world, Hello Kitty is now decorating their bedrooms with a bed linen full of Liberty flowers in pink, purple and red. As usual: simply irresistible! If the story of Saint-Exupery has rocked our childhood, it’s now the turn for our kids’ room to be enchanted by his poetry; a very attractive kids’ bedroom decoration with this adorable bedding on which The Little Prince sits proudly. And who can resist this adorable bed set Winnie the Pooh with its fresh & tangy colors and its round balloons that will attract both girls & boys. A little Fairy Dust pleases any kid to fall asleep once night falls! Tinkerbell came to fly on the bed bringing with her a bundle of butterflies straight from the imaginary country to your little girl’s bedroom.

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