Furniture with Pockets: Graphic Collection for Kids by Nidi Design

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There’s lots of room to be creative in this white-wall-based assortment of décor by Nidi Design of Italy. Along with handy wall cubes in such wonderful hues as lemon and blueberry, a large white desk is an inviting space for study — or creativity. Its matching chair has a white body and white lacquered metal frame, a neutral with its own flair; color accents come from a gray felt ottoman with contrasting lemon-colored stitching…or one with an out-and-out splash of yellow “technical” fabric. Besides plenty of options for creativity and function, you’ll also find ample storage here: a walk-in closet features three folding doors with white exteriors and hydrangea-colored interior and walls. Note the drawers of different sizes and shelves that are perfect “kid height” for easy stowing away of clothing, shoes, and toys.

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Another feature you’ll like: pockets attached to almost everything. Furniture with pockets? Indeed — they’re perfect places to store the markers you can use to decorate, write messages, or play games on the white walls. A blue tray, convenient to stash and carry items to the floor, comes with its own white feet. When it’s time to relax or nap, you can cuddle up on a platform bed with a padded headboard, covered with practical, removable blue felt; the white bed frame holds cushions in an olive-and-white print. The light fixture brings to mind a theatrical lamp — no doubt a fun touch if there’s a “dramatist” in residence. Places to play, places to stash, and places to rest: that’s the ease and flexibility of the Graphic Collection by Nidi Design.

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