Futuristic Decorating Style in Bulgaria: Private Home 07 by Bozhinovski Design

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There was a time when “futuristic” was the hottest decorating style out there; now, many elements that would have been considered “wild” then are part of standard contemporary décor. That being said, this Bulgarian home, as rendered by Bozhinovski Design, might make you think of some of those earlier decorating fancies. The interior here epitomizes “sleek”: you get the feeling, even with an open plan, that there isn’t a spare inch to waste here. Living room (with that striking wall “curve”) blends into dining room blends into kitchen, in a smooth line that incorporates neutrals such as gray and cream — with a subdued rose glow from subtle color and indirect lighting. Built-ins contribute to the economy of space: a platform beneath the L-shaped couch, that striking architectural detail that holds an entertainment center.

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More built-ins grace the kitchen; note the tall white cabinets where pretty much anything and everything can fit. The kitchen is designed for both ease of cooking and serving — it’s only steps from stove to dining table — and easy cleanup: no ornate knobs, curlicues, or overlapping edges to make maintenance tricky. Finally, notice a repeat of motifs: echoing the simple sphere of a coffee table in the living room, a spherical design in the wall behind the bed is made of a similar reflective surface that bounces light from both the tall windows and an illuminated “panel” that runs the width of the room and then some, curving around the bed and lighting the floor for easy navigation after dark. Every space here serves a purpose, and every item has a function — with a warmth that you might not expect from a glimpse “into the future.”

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