Garage Exterior View of HGTV Dream Home 2012

In continuation of our talk about the amazing HGTV dream home 2012, we are going to move away from the scope of the house itself, and put our eyes on the amazing garage. This post shoes you only the exterior view of the garage to see how splendid the surroundings have been made to make this area amazing. The exterior view makes you feel that it is a ranch house that’s totally surrounded by beautiful greenery. The garden is totally awesome; you can see firs, mugo pines, and more to please your eyes and have an amazing view to enjoy. The exterior of the garage is totally made of rustic wood, mostly timber in specific, and different constructions are made to give you a great design. The exterior colors of the house include very soft blue hues, and some of the plants beside the house are also in blue to give you a beautiful and soft palette. A decking is used as a walkaway to lead to the house so that the garage is connected to it easily. The pictures also show you the amazing crossover SUV that the winner has taken.

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