A Garden Pearl in Pebble Beach by Zeterre Landscape Architecture

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Back in 2009, this 3-acre property that overlooks Stillwater Cove and Carmel Highlands in Pebble Beach, CA, was treated to a “redo” by Zeterre Landscape Architecture preparatory to the house also being remodeled. Now it forms a truly elegant “nest” for the stately French-inspired home, as both garden and house have grown together into a wonderfully colorful whole. The view of the house itself, from the manicured lawn, is breathtaking — with graceful twin staircases winding up to a fully-terraced second story and expanses of glass. The view outward from that balcony, however, is, if anything, even more spectacular: with sightlines clear to the sea, it’s easy to identify separate tiny garden nooks, outdoor “rooms” if you will, bordered by mature trees.

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What’s in those outdoor “rooms”? Japanese bloodgrass, lupines, and salvia, in shades ranging from blue-purple to burgundy. They border stone patios and fountains of blue tile; tucked behind one such area is a garden bench, in a mix of sun and shade and overlooking a concrete paver path. At the foot of the twin staircases is a set of broad concrete steps interspersed with ground cover, fescue, and prairie grasses; their foliage, light and swaying in the Pacific breeze, softens the strict rectangular lines of stairs and walk. Finally, shining blue ceramic pots of yucca and other annuals dot the patios, providing both reflective qualities and jewel-like color. Pebble Beach: it’s a sumptuous study in blue, white, and green — with a little red thrown in for fun, and a view that can’t be beat.

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