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  • Awesome-Recreated-Childhood-and-Family-Photograph-1

    40 Awesome Recreated Childhood and Family Photographs

    Just occasionally the Internet comes up trumps and helps someone create something really remarkable, as they have done in assembling this array of recreated childhood and family photographs. What is even more clever is that once you have looked at them all, only then does the penny drop and you realise that on fifty occasions, fifty people have independently had exactly the same idea at some point or another. Truth be told, we love the idea at Stylish Eve, and...

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  • Thalasso-Twin-Baby-Bath-By-Sonia-Rochel

    Thalasso Twins’ Baby Bath By Sonia Rochel – Perfecting the ‘Gentle Touch’

    There is something quite remarkable about watching Sonia Rochel bathing these new-born twins. This is proof, if proof were needed, that new-born children need not be subject to the shock of entering the ‘real world’ with nothing to comfort them. Sonia Rochel, an experienced French new-born baby nurse, has spent many years developing and perfecting what she calls her Thalasso Bain Bébé technique, which literally translates into Sea Baby Bath, though here she does not use salt water. Rochel is...

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  • thalasso-baby-bath-by-sonia-rochel-1920x1080

    Thalasso Baby Bath By Sonia Rochel: 5 Minutes of Magic That Will Leave You Spellbound

    One of the most emotive and beautiful videos you are ever likely to see in your entire life is 'Sonia Rochel’s Thalasso Baby Bath and which will make even the most hard-hearted person stop and marvel at what they have just witnessed. Thalasso is Greek for ‘the sea’ and though this does not actually use seawater, it still is a remarkably gentle bathing technique developed by Sonia Rochel, a specialist baby nurse with over thirty years’ experience working with new-born...

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  • Stylish-Eve-Interviews-2014-Jennifer-Cucci-Of-Heavenly-Cake-Pops_1

    Stylish Eve Interviews 2014: Jennifer Cucci of Heavenly Cake Pops

    If you’re one of those people who always have a craving for desserts, you’ll never be able to resist a delicious cake pop! Stylish Eve is pleased to present an interview with Jennifer Cucci, the owner of Heavenly Cake Pops. We’ll help you get to know more about her and her business, plus her “Easy Roller” that makes cake pops really simple to make (See video). Check out the interview below, maybe you’ll get inspired and start your own business...

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  • Creative, Easy DIY Crafts Using Balloons_4

    Creative, Easy DIY Crafts Using Balloons

    No matter what our age, we all love balloons!! But what you’ve probably never thought of before is how you can use balloons to do some really easy craftwork I know you’ll just love! Today, Stylish Eve is bringing you some amazing, easy-to-do, DIY crafts that mainly depend on balloons. Check them out, then try them out, and then enjoy them!! 1- Hemp String Pendant Lamp: Want to have some new pendant lamps in your kitchen or bedroom?? Try this DIY project...

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  • Stylish-Eve-Stylenista-Interview-Theresa-Deliberto-Founder-of-Cupcake-Cuties_2

    Stylish Eve Stylenista Interview: Theresa Deliberto, Founder of Cupcake Cuties

    Theresa Deliberto has literally created the cupcake “heard round the world”. We have featured awesome cupcake creations on our Facebook fan page, not knowing the source of those delightful creations was Theresa Deliberto. Of course, I could not pass up the opportunity of interviewing her after making her acquaintance on Twitter. Theresa has taken the idea of a simple cupcake to “Whoa - what a cupcake!” Join us as we learn more about the creative stylenista of the day. 1. What...

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  • 5

    The Sweetest Shoes Ever From the Clever Little Cupcake Company

    Anyone who knows me knows that I love shoes. You name it, from pumps to sneakers, I am always on the hunt for the next cute pair. However, the sweetest shoes I have ever seen in my life are a pair I cannot wear, and they come from “The Clever Little Cupcake Company”. I must agree they are clever indeed. You must have a slice of couture cake from this company. Do you have a little fashionista at home that...

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  • Disneyland Provides a World of Magic with their World of Color Water Show_01

    Disneyland Provides a World of Magic with their World of Color Water Show

    Imagine feeling as if you have entered a magical kingdom, where anything can happen. Disney has certainly created this atmosphere with the World of Color Water Show. The show features clips of Disney movie favorites that will be enticing for children of the 80’s like me, all the way up to the current generation of children. The fountain show is unlike any other fountain show in the world. A beautiful and captivating display of water, color, and imagery, where the...

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  • Eye-Opening-Design-Sydney-Retail-Store-by-Christopher-Polly_01

    Eye Opening Design: Sydney Retail Store by Christopher Polly Architect

    This flagship Sydney store of Eye Opener, designed by Christopher Polly, demonstrates how even a limited space can pack a high-energy retail “punch.” The high-end character of the other stores on Castlereagh Street dictates the image and quality this store needs to show — and it does, in a pop of color that immediately draws the eye. Display shelves are oval-shaped and white resin, indirectly lit to display glasses and accessories with a clean, uncluttered, and unobtrusive background. The curves...

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  • The-Alvin-Ailey-American-Dance-Theater-Has-Mastered-All_13

    Fashion, Style, and Dance: The Alvin Ailey American Dance Theater Has Mastered All

    What does it take to be a master of the arts? The Alvin Ailey American Dance Theater knows well. The theater is the most popular in the world, having performed in over 71 countries on six continents, 48 states, and in front of over 23 million people. Started by Alvin Ailey in 1958, the theater’s rise to fame was only a matter of time. With unique, heartwarming performances and exquisite costumes, the theater has provided millions of people, all over...

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