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  • Zelda Williams

    Zelda Williams Returns to Twitter with Defiant Message About Bullying

    After being chased off Twitter by bullies shortly after the passing of her father, Robin Williams, Zelda Williams returned to Twitter with a simple statement about bullying. Thank you. — Zelda Williams (@zeldawilliams) September 1, 2014 Zelda encountered a lousy few that had nasty words and fake photos to share about her father’s passing. Zelda engaged these online bullies shortly before announcing her departure from social media saying she “Should have risen above [sic]”. As Zelda makes her return to...

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  • Mom-with-her-Young-Daughter-Doing-Yoga-2

    Inspiring Mother with her Young Daughter Practising Yoga

    If you are a mom you may have recently come across the Instagram name @laurasykora with images of a mother and her young daughter doing yoga together. Laura Kasperzak is a 36 year-old mom of two young children and is the co-founder of Two Fit Moms in New Jersey, a yoga school she started with Masumi Goldman. As you can clearly see from the images, Laura’s daughter loves joining in with her mother and she also practices yoga on her...

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    10 Celebrities Who Will Make You Believe Disney Characters are Real

    [caption id="attachment_407507" align="aligncenter" width="620"] AMANDA SEYFRIED[/caption] Are you aware there are celebrities who have an uncanny resemblance to Disney characters? I do not mean celebrities who have played a role in a Disney movie , but people who just look like a Disney character. According to PopNHop, there are at least ten celebrities who look just like Disney characters. Of course the title of their article caught my eye immediately, I mean come on, how many celebrities have...

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  • We reckon this dog’s name is ‘Chalky’....

    15 Funny Examples of Taking a Dog’s Photograph Just at The Right Time!

    Taking the perfect picture is often about being in the right place at the right time. In this case, being the right dog in the right place at the right time is what has helped us come across fifteen of the funniest and most perfectly timed dog photos you could imagine. What we love most about all these photos is that none of them were ‘staged’. We also reckon a few photographers didn’t realise the image they had captured was...

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  • Mother-takes-Stunning-Photos-of-her-Beautiful-One-Handed-Daughter-1

    A Loving Mother takes Stunning Photos of her Beautiful One-Handed Daughter

    Holly Spring has come a long way in the short time since she first started taking a keen interest in photography. Based in Auckland, New Zealand, Holly took up photography to show her daughter, who was born with Hirschprung’s Disease and no left hand, that there was nothing she could not achieve. To many of us our parents are our inspiration and guidance and Holly seems to be no exception to this. To further underline this point, Holly set to...

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  • Famous-Boston-Park-Bench-Becomes-an Instant-Robin-Williams-Memorial-Site-3

    ‘Good Will Hunting’ Park Bench Becomes Robin Williams Memorial Site

    The Good Will Hunting park bench scene has gone down in history as one of the most epic in Robin Williams’ career. The bench signifies one of Robin’s most passionate moments on screen as he spoke those now famous words that fans all over the world will remember forever. As I was a child, when the movie was released, seeing an R-rated movie was out of the question, however it was worth the wait for adulthood to finally get to...

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  • disney-princesses-in-real-life

    7 Disney Characters Who Really Exist In Real Life

    Working as a character artist and photographer for the Walt Disney company for 18 years, Ryan Astamendi grew up being totally inspired by Disney animations, and in his youth he was tutored by some of Disney’s animators. Learning about him you discover that from a very early age he always knew he wanted to become involved in art and that he would pursue it as a career. After majoring in Character Animation at CalArts, Astamendi joined Disney where he honed...

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  • Photo Credits: Agoes Antara

    32 Glorious Pictures of Happy Children all with Three Things in Common

    [caption id="attachment_407001" align="aligncenter" width="880"] Photo Credits: Agoes Antara[/caption] Nothing beats the sight or sound of children playing, of children being happy, having fun and enjoying themselves. These 32 clever photographs help to perfectly capture the innocence of youth and a complete sense of not having a care in the world. How curious it is that whether the children are in an impoverished country like Burkina Faso or Ethiopia, or in the appreciably wealthier United States or Italy, the smiles and air...

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  • Awesome-Apple-Carvings-by-Mutita-Edible-Art-1

    7 Awesome Apple Carvings from Mutita Edible Art

    There is an expression in fine-dining circles where it is said “you eat with your eyes”, in other words beautiful presentation of food is as important as taste. Well the art of Thai fruit and vegetable carving has been taken to another level by the artist known only as Mutita Edible and her work is the perfect example of what can be achieved with a little imagination and a tremendous amount of skill. What is so remarkable in all the...

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  • Fantastic-Recreated-Childhood-and-Family-Photos_13

    76 Touching Family Photo Recreations from Stylish Eve Fans

    Ever since the comedic and satirical family photo recreations featuring grown men posing as they did when they were babies first went viral on Buzzfeed, Yahoo!, and other media outlets, a new Internet trend has started. Family photo recreations went from funny to downright weird and freaky in some cases, while others were more sentimental, such as the father/daughter tribute to a mom who passed away before her daughter could get married. This tear-jerker photo went around the world overnight. At...

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