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  • Super-Talented-Girl-adds-a-Hula-Hoop-to-Brilliant-Hip-Hop-Routine

    Super-Talented Girl adds a Hula Hoop to Brilliant Hip-Hop Routine

    What happens when hip hop and hula hooping mix? Well according to this video, some pretty awesome things! If you think it is unlikely that you would ever fork out money to see someone perform hip hop hula hooping, well today I just may change your mind. This creative fireball of a performer remains unnamed, but she certainly has the potential to become the next huge star that no one ever saw coming. I am thinking...

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  • How-to-Turn-an-Apple-into-an-Edible-Swan

    How to Turn an Apple into an Edible Swan

    Sometimes being allowed to ‘play with your food’ can produce remarkable results. Well that is exactly what is likely to happen if you let Grant Thompson, also known as “The King of Random”, let loose near your food, in this instance an apple. Maybe it is just the way we are, but we never cease to be amazed at what extraordinary talents some people have for creating quite marvelous ‘works of art’ from everyday items. If any of us were...

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  • Packaging-Designs-5

    25 Incredibly Clever Packaging Designs

    [caption id="attachment_409443" align="aligncenter" width="605"] Designed by Lo Siento Studio[/caption] Wherever we go and whatever we buy today, more and more items are being packaged. To many of us it seems totally insane, especially where food is concerned, as so much of it, especially fruit, comes in its own natural packaging, otherwise known as skin, peel, shell, or whatever. So maybe it has become an accepted norm for the sake of preserving products and improving hygienic presentation (do you really want to...

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  • Cats-and-Dogs-Meeting-Adorable-Babies-for-The-First-Time

    Lovely Cats and Dogs Meeting Surprised Babies for The First Time [Video]

    We recently published a post with some stunning photographs of babies and dogs where we mentioned about the impact the arrival of a new baby can have on the family pet. Once the center of attention, whether it is the family dog or cat, the dynamics of the household are going to change drastically. However your dog or cat doesn’t have to be pushed to one side, and can just as easily be integrated into the new family unit rather...

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  • Adorable-Puppies-Swimming-Underwater-1

    Unbelievable Photos of Puppies Swimming Underwater

    Just when you think you have seen every adorable pose and photograph of a puppy, someone comes along and tears up the rule book. In this instance the man in question is New York Times best-selling author and animal photographer Seth Casteel who was featured in an article in the Huffington Post. Seth’s love affair with taking photographs of dogs began many years ago when he started a project by photographing homeless dogs in the hope of finding them somewhere...

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  • Dogs-and-Cats-Protecting-Babies

    Clever Cats and Dogs Protecting Adorable Babies [Video]

    Animals are all about instincts – unless we have loads of spare time we can’t really teach them much more than they already now. Of course how your dog or cat behaves and reacts towards you is very much governed by how you treat your dog or cat. If you treat them badly, they will let you know from time to time they are not happy. However look after them, show them some love, and they will find a thousand...

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  • Turning-Clouds-into-Magical-Mythical-Characters-1

    Turning Clouds into Magical Illustrations

    We are sure it has happened to all of us at one stage or another in our lives. We have looked up at the sky and seen a cloud which resembles something easily recognizable. Sometimes it can be the shape of a country, an animal, or an object. Well clearly many of us don’t have the same level of imagination as Martin Feijoó (also known as Tincho) has. Martin comes from Argentina and now is based in Spain, where he...

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  • Laura-Kasperzak-and-Her-Family-Practice-Yoga-1

    The Incredible Kasperzak Family all Practising Yoga

    You may well know about Laura Kasperzak, who is also known as @laurasykora on Instagram, and seen images of her practising yoga with her young daughter, who she refers to as ‘my mini’. Well where Laura is concerned, this is definitely a family affair as here we are introducing photographs of Laura practising yoga with her daughter, and also with her husband and her son too, so that makes all four of them! We love the way this woman...

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  • Cute-Dogs-and-Gorgeous-Babies

    Cute Dogs and Gorgeous Babies [Video]

    When you've got cute dogs and cute babies, then you have go the perfect recipe for some great video clips. After all, isn't there a rule in show business that says actors should never work with children or animals? Well here we have that problem solved perfectly. There are no actors, just animals and children. And of course what is the one adjective both these have in common – that’s right, unpredictability. So while you know that we have lots...

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  • World's-Best-Father-Dave-Engledow-with-Daughter-Alice-Bee-1

    World’s Best Father: Dave Engledow with Daughter Alice Bee

    Every so often we come across something special, something different, and something very, very witty. Here we have a wonderful selection of photos from the ‘World’s Best Dad’, so proclaimed by the mug you will see strategically used in every shot taken. Clearly Dave Engledow has a great sense of humor and also adores his daughter, as why else would he create a photo-shoot involving her in every frame. As he explains: “The character I portray in this series is...

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