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  • Dogs-Vs-Cats

    Cats Prove They are More Fierce Fighters Than Dogs

    Unless you are one of those rare breeds of people who don’t like animals, you are either in the dog lovers’ camp or the cat lovers’ one. Of course there are also some of you who have no preference and love each equally, but you are an even rarer breed! If you live in a household that includes both cats and dogs, then many of the scenes in these video clips will seem familiar to you. Without any outright aggression,...

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  • Magic-Tricks-for-Mystified-Dogs

    Magic Tricks for Mystified Dogs

    is Finnish and describes himself as a mentalist and magician. Well we’re not too sure what a mentalist is, but from these clips we are definitely sure he is a magician, and we have eight dogs to back us up on that. This is fun and funny both at the same time and in case any of you watched the video before reading this, we can assure you that the dogs each received a treat and this was not...

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    12 Amazing Before-and-After Photos Show The Beauty of Autumn’s Transformations

    Tu Hwnt I’r Bont Tearoom in Llanrwst, North Wales

    We all have our favourite season and we all have our reasons why. Autumn, or Fall as some call it, is an interesting season as it heralds the end of summer and announces the impending arrival of winter. Despite that, for many people Autumn is a special time of year for one particular reason. The changing colors of nature. We recently published a post on 16 of the most in the...

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  • Reddit

    23 Funny Lookalikes You Won’t Believe

    How often has it happened to any of us? We’re walking down the street and something catches our eye. And the reason? Because it reminds us of something, or someone else. Apparently we all have a doppelganger somewhere on the planet – our ‘twin’ – and sometimes we even see them in real life, which can be a bit of a shock. However our ‘twin’ doesn’t always have to be another person, as this selection of brilliant images will clearly...

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  • Transformation-of-Nissan-Skyline-GTR-Car-with-Just-a-Sharpie-Pen-1

    Girlfriend’s Amazing Transformation of Nissan Skyline GTR Car with Just a Sharpie Pen

    It is strange how fate can lead us down a path we never initially intended to follow. This is very much what happened to Collen Kelton after he was transferred with the US Military to Misawa, on the north of Honshu, Japan. Once settled with his girlfriend, he decided to buy a Nissan Skyline R33 GTR to modify and customize. His initial choice was a purple model, but after two unsuccessful attempts, he eventually settled on his second least-favorite color,...

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  • Two-of-the-Funniest-Dogs-Eating-in-a-Busy-Restaurant

    Two of the Funniest Dogs Waiting Patiently to Get Served in a Busy Restaurant

    Sometimes you see a video that is funny on so many levels and you know you just have to share it and spread the word. That is very much the case with this video which was produced by Danish pair . Kristian is a professional photographer by trade, while Charlotte is an author, so clearly they are both creative individuals. However creativity has its boundaries, and this video seems to have stretched them to the extreme. It is difficult to...

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  • The-Angriest-Looking-Cat-you-have-Ever-Seen-1

    The Angriest Looking Cat You Have Ever Seen

    Wow! This is a cat you sure don’t want to mess with. Well that certainly is the impression you are left with the first time you see him. Meet Garfi, a Persian cat who lives in Turkey with his owner, Hulya Ozkok, her family and an assortment of other cats. It is undeniable though – Garfi does indeed bear a remarkable resemblance to a character cat with an attitude problem, Garfield. However they say you should never judge a book...

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  • Girl-set-to-Marry-as-a-Child-Bride-1

    12-Year-Old Norwegian Girl set to Marry 37-Year-Old Man as a Child Bride

    There is something very strange going on in Norway at the moment. At the root of it all is a cause the country, and two people in particular are highlighting, and very successfully Child marriages. At the center of what has become a fully-blown controversy are 12-year-old Thea and 37-year-old Geir. Currently Thea is contributing virtually daily to a blog in which she is detailing all the major events which are taking place in the lead up to her ‘big...

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  • Image credits: unknown

    26 Dogs Hugging Their Owners

    A dog is man’s best friend, or woman’s for that matter, and both humans and animals will always find ways to express their feelings towards each other. As an old saying goes “A hug is the shortest distance between friends” and we have plenty of examples of that for you here. In fact we already know just how much of a bond exists between a dog and its owner when we showed you a selection of video clips of ...

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  • Unbelievable-Reaction-of-a-Lioness-9

    Unbelievable Reaction of a Lioness to the Man Who Saved Her Life

    This is the heart-warming story of Valentin Gruener, Mikkel Legarth, and a lioness called Sirga. The video you are about to watch is a demonstration of the bond that has been created between Valentin and Sirga in the time since he rescued her from certain death two-and-a-half years ago. Be prepared for what happens when Valentin opens the cage to be ‘greeted’ by this 110kg cat as you are in for a shock. However we can assure you that what...

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