A Girl’s Bright Dream Room: Room b by Nidi Design

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A characteristic two-level layout and bold, bright color splashes make children’s rooms by Nidi Design popular with both kids and parents all over the world — and in this room, called “b,” it’s easy to see why. It has everything a kid needs: a bed, a desk, a comfy sitting space on the floor, and — of course — a ladder to a second level from which you can look down at the rest. Take a look through a large open “doorway” from outside and you’ll see the white four-poster; rest assured this doesn’t look like Grandma’s four-poster bed! Against the palette of pure white, its soft touches are purple and gray pillows — one heart-shaped — and a pale blue coverlet. For those stay-up-past-your-bedtime book evenings, it’s got a white cube bedside table with handy reading lamp.

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And, as with all Nidi rooms, this one gives you plenty of storage, not only in drawers on the bedside table, but also in handy rectangular cubbies on the wall — a set of these cubbies, four across and down on another wall, is a mix of open and door-covered storage, while the support for the second level is a built-in storage unit of both tall cabinets and cubbies at one end (some with their own doors). This girl loves red, too: look at the neat stacked “suitcase” style boxes on the closet shelf, above a rack of bright clothing. Having friends over? You can lounge on pillows on the floor, or perch on kid-sized ottomans of blue and purple. It’s a fun room, one with lots of possibilities for work and play: “b” by Nidi Design.

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