Glam Celebrity Hairstyles 2012 for Women

Are you curious to know how the celebrity style their hair in 2012?! I can guess that most of you, my dear women would say; ”Of course, I’m! Who aren’t?!”. Yeah, you’re absolutely right. They have been like our main source of fascination and inspiration concerning everything especially the hair; its styles, cuts and colors as well. It’s so rare to find a woman who hasn’t been taken by the glamour and shine of their hair, even though sometimes it has an edgy, wild and may be weird look. Anyway, let’s concentrate on mentioning some of the most popular and trendiest hairstyles among the celebrity this year. I said some because you know that they are uncountable! Now, let’s drive our discovery car and make a speedy virtual tour! The first thing which would hit you in the face, I mean shock you is that there’re dramatic changes have taken place this year. As some of the celebrities who have been known by their long hair, have cut it short while the others with short have let it go longer!

The second thing is that the hairdos have looked in much more sexier, stunning and glamorous way at least that’s how I felt when I saw them. I’m hearing some of you shout saying ”Woman, when are you going to mention the hairstyles?!”. Just right now is when I’m going to do so by mentioning the short ones. The pixie cut is still one of the most trendiest and sexiest short haircuts that the celebrity have opted for. Besides those sexy pixie cuts, you can also see some celebrities sport different styles of the bob cut and all of them are super stunning and stylish. Also, the short layered haircuts are still in this year. Some of the celebs have let their short hair straight while others have opted for either adding curls or waves of any type to it. Indeed, whatever they have done or are going to do with it, it would definitely look super sexy and glamorous. Just it!

I think now is the time to take you to the trip’s other side which is the one concerned with the long & medium hairdos. When i say the combination of ”long medium hair & celebrity”, I find myself naturally saying the updos! I think I’m not the only one who does that. In fact, the celebrity updos in 2012 have another meaning of the elegance and glamour. This year, you can see various styles of them starting from the buns to chignons to braided ones. When you take a close look at any of those styles, you can see that some have had a sweet, simple and soft look while others have had that super tidy, neat and sort of complicated look. Besides the updos, many celebs have opted for sporting different styles of the ponytails as; side swept, low or high ones. The sweet and soft braids have been so also popular among them this year.

Some of our beloved stars have opted for sporting the side swept classic braid which has very girlish and sexy look. While there’re others have used the braids as way to accessorize their hair! Like they have been so popular among the celebs with short hair, they have been the same among those ones with medium hair! Of course, you can figure out that i’m talking about the bob haircuts. In addition, you can see that the flowing hairstyle with all its different styles and looks; sleek straight, curly or wavy style has been sported by many celebrities this year. In fact, those flowing dos have looked in very, very sultry and awesome way! I think that those are the ones to conclude our talk with. I know that there might be much more hairstyles worn by our glam celebrity than those ones i’ve mentioned above. But don’t worry, I’d bring you more than that in the next time. Just wait and see! While doing so, why not you take a look at them and pick yourself the one that suits you, your face shape, hair type and length as well. Then, sport it and feel the glamour, shine and elegance of a star. At the end, nothing to tell you more than enjoy catching all the eyes!

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