Glass Wash Basin Models for an Original Bathroom Look

In the bathroom, the wash basin became a very important decorative object that, day after day, competes in originality not just in designs but also in material. If you love to add more originality and beauty to your modern bathroom, you can choose a glass wash basin for a very unique & fresh atmosphere. Glass is an ideal material for the bathroom; it brings an original & very contemporary ambience, also its pure & light spirit is perfect for a place dedicated to relaxation. For the glass wash basin, you will find two models: the one that you can place on a countertop so it looks like if it’s suspended which creates a very contemporary spirit, and the one that includes both a wash basin and countertop together. This second model, in which the glass bowl is built-in inside a unit entirely in glass, creates more transparency and freshness in the bathroom.

You will find glass wash basins in a big variety of kinds including very pure transparent glass, smoked glass, colored glasses…etc. And want to know the latest trend in glass wash basins? There is the basin that is actually consisting of a real aquarium inside of it! What could be more innovative? Maintaining a glass wash basin is often the obstacle that prevents from buying it because we know that cleaning a glass product is not always easy especially if it deals all the time with water and its calcareous effect. However, it is very easy to maintain this type of wash basins; you will need to use a glass cleaner but you can also use a home-made cleaner consisting of one cup of denatured alcohol plus one cup of white vinegar mixed in a bucket of water. Finally, to ensure that the traces do not come back too quickly, remember to wipe the sink after use.

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