No Glitter, Just Warmth: Gold Shades Apartment by Grosu Art Studio

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If you think “glitter” when you think “gold,” you might find yourself seeing things differently with one look at this definitely un-glittery apartment by Moldova’s GAS (Grosu Art Studio). Gold is everywhere here, but in subtle, classy touches that are both unobtrusive and, in some cases, almost hidden. Gold shines in an entryway, in tall vases where it’s used both as a solo metallic hue and in combination with ebony. In fact, one magical element about this burnished color is its pairing with deep umber brown — almost black — reflective surfaces on counters and cabinets. Another magical effect this gold has on everything it surrounds is a slight rise in temperature; in other words, you pair gold with polished wood flooring and what could come across as a sterile décor instead is warm and welcoming.

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And the designers have fun with that warmth, too: look at it in round, squat legs on a coffee table, or in tiny ornaments on a brown mirror frame. Is that accent on the wall pale wood grain…or is it gold? It’s a little of both, because the way this hue is worked into a neutral décor fools the eye just enough to impart a pleasant glow overall. Even pale cabinetry in the kitchen, when paired with deep chocolate walls, looks as much like caramel, with its slight golden tinge, as it looks like wood! In the bedroom, you don’t see any obvious gold…or do you? Look at the muted glimmer on the bedspread and you might think again. It’s not glittery, but it’s ingenious: that’s the sophisticated “golden” treatment of this modern space from Grosu.

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