Going Up Via Two Ladders: Kids’ Room “c” by Nidi Design

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Climb a lemon-yellow ladder to a play “balcony” tucked above a platform bed and next to handy shelving in this innovative and fun children’s room setup by Nidi Design. This “c” room is one of a series of clever kids’ rooms done by this Italian firm with details that are both practical and whimsical, useful and imaginative. Several trademarks tell you instantly this is a Nidi room — the bright citrusy primary and secondary colors, the multiple levels, the nifty employment of maximum storage for minimal clutter. It’s no accident that this room is neat: white and yellow storage cubes on the wall, shelves on the desk and next to the bed, and an expansive wardrobe/cabinet take care of everything from school books to games to collections — not to mention clothing, shoes, and toys — with ease.

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Lime green walls play off the bright yellow ladder leading up to the clear white cushioned “bench” above. Photographic art is part of the “scenery” — as is a rope ladder for fun. Played against the bright colors and cool neutrals are warm wood grain accents: cedar is a common thread here, on the bookshelves, in the background of the suspended desk, even in the flooring. The desk chair gives you handy seating for work times; the floor rug and cushions in fun shapes give you a comfy spot for reading, watching TV or listening to tunes, doing homework or art projects, or just dreaming. Then, when day is done, you can stash all the creative endeavors away for work tomorrow. It’s no wonder that, with practical spaces like this, Nidi has fans among kids and parents alike.

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