‘Good Will Hunting’ Park Bench Becomes Robin Williams Memorial Site

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The Good Will Hunting park bench scene has gone down in history as one of the most epic in Robin Williams’ career. The bench signifies one of Robin’s most passionate moments on screen as he spoke those now famous words that fans all over the world will remember forever. As I was a child, when the movie was released, seeing an R-rated movie was out of the question, however it was worth the wait for adulthood to finally get to see one of the most critically acclaimed films of all time. Right behind Pulp Fiction, this movie definitely topped my list of “Movies to see when I turn 18”.

It is no mystery why the tribute at the park bench continues to grow as the days go by, with phrases from the movie etched into the concrete surrounding the bench, and even on the bench itself. The lines have now begun to grow beyond Good Will Hunting to famous lines from films like Hook, and many more. This site is quickly becoming the “go to” memorial for a large number of Williams’ fans. It is sure to make its way onto a list of protected sites in Boston, as everyone wants at least one picture at “the bench”, to feel closer to their favorite actor at the spot where he gave one of the best performances of his life. Can you imagine, 100 years from now, the bench being encased in bronze with statues of Robin Williams and Matt Damon deep in conversation? Robin Williams is truly an actor who leaves behind an amazing legacy; it is clear that his work has carved out a place in history.

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