Gray Bathroom Designs for a Modern Ambience

The gray color which stayed shunned for a long time in decoration, returns strongly this year to be used more than ever as one of the finest shades of the color palette. In the bathroom as well, gray will reflect a trendy & contemporary atmosphere and a very elegant look. Take a look at these stylish gray bathroom designs for more inspiration. When gray meets pink and red, we get a very feminine look. For a better effect, do not hesitate to play with gradients: from mineral gray to the darkest gray boosted by shades of pink and red for a very refined touch. Red is also combined with gray to create a contemporary ambience because the duo gray & red became very trendy even more than black & red. You can also use this duo for a pop bathroom decoration; in this case you will need to multiply the red surfaces and depend on the gray only in few touches, or even if you do the opposite you can still get a very attractive pop look in your bathroom, but in this case remember to use glossy red with matt gray shades. For a gray yet refreshing bathroom decoration, opt for very light gray tones on the surfaces and then add a cheerful color like flashy green for example in the furniture combined with some white elements to give more vitality and freshness to the whole look. Note also that gray can be successfully used with wood to create a Zen atmosphere; this combination can also bring a stylish industrial look especially if gray is used in a raw material like concrete for example.

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